Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Sesha Vahanam Live Photos


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As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, purappadu of utsavar Sri Devaperumal took place on Sesha Vahanam today morning, May 15th, 2014

Today morning after a short (long) gap we would have dharshan of our ubhaya naachimaar’s when Devathirajan in Paramapatha nathan thirukolam rides on Sesha Vahanam.

This purappadu is the trailer of what we could expect when we reach Srivaikuntam, when we leave our current body. This is the way our Perarulalan is waiting for us.

To truly appreciate today’s vahanam and the significance to the present yugam (kali) we need to have a quick preview into the sthala puranam. I know many of you may be aware but for the benefit of new readers, kindly bear with me, I would try and keep it short.

Varadar came down to Kanchipuram, also know as Sathya Vratha Kshethram, during Kritha yugam (the first of the 4 yugam) to bless Brahma, when he was performing a Aswametha Yagam to have dharshan of Brahmam. On Brahma’s request, Varadarajar continued to stay on top of Hasthi giri and continued to bless the devotees in that yugam. In Treta yugam, Varadar was worshiped by Gajenderan, yes the same elephant who was rescued from the clutches of the crocodile. Brahaspati, Devas’ guru worshiped Varadar in Dwapara yugam. Currently in Kali yugam, our Varadar is worshipped by Ananthan. The present day archakas are carrying out the service on behalf of Adisheshan, the king of snakes.

When our Perarulalan rides on Sesha Vahanam, he is honouring his archakas of the current yugam.

Devathirajan is decked with Thanga thiru abishekam and also adorned Robert Clive Khandi.

During today’s purappadu Naanmugan thiruvandhadhi was recited, that beyond doubt establishes our Lord’s supremacy.

Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_04 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_05 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_06 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_07 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_09 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_10 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_13 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_14 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_16 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_17 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_19 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_20 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_22 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_24 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_25 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_28 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_29 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_31 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_32 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_33 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_35 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_36 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_37 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_38 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_39 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_40 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_41 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_42 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_44 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_47 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_48 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_49 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_50 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_51 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_55 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_56 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_58 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_63 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_65 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_76 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_77 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_80 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_81 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_82 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_83 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_85 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_86 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_90 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_92 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_93 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_94 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_102 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_103 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_105 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_106Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_67 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_69 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_71 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_72 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_73 Kanchi_Sesha Vahanam_2014_74

Write-up Courtesy: Sri Kausik Sarathy
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  1. The photos of Srinivasan swami deserve praise ,the write-up is good and the Thadeearadhanai is praiseworthy for feeding the hungry pilgrims is of utmost importance . Above all Anudinam deserves the biggest congratulations for bringing home all these utsavams at the click of a button.


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