Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Chandra Prabhai


Kanchi Devapperuml on Chandra Prabhai As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, On May 15 2014, Vijaya varusha Vaikasi Visakam; In the evening Purappadu of utsavar Sri Devaperumal with his consorts took place on Chandra Prabhai.Lot of astikas took part in the purappadu and had the blessings of Divydampatis

On Thursday 15th evening would be one of the coolest evening in Kanchipuram. The radiance of perarulalan in Chandra prabhai would make you wonder if it is full moon day today.
Varadar in Bhagavad gita says “Nakshatranam aham sasi” – “Of Stars, I am moon” and during the purappadu chandran gets the honor of presenting Devathirajan to us.
Chandaran is required to protect and preserve the medicinal herbs. We cannot imagine a life without medicines. Watching this purappadu is the one stop solution for all our karmic illness. Like the lilies and ocean, which come to life with the sight of moon, the devotee’s hearts would swell with happiness. Devathirajan is able to do all this in-spite of his avirbhavam from sacrificial fire.

Kanchi Devapperuml on Chandra Prabhai1

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Writeup By : Sri Kaushik Sarathy

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