Upanyasam by Sri U.Ve Dushyanth Sridhar At Chennai


Dushyant SridharTamilnadu Brahmanar Sangam Besant nagar Branch has planned to conduct Upanyasa Mahotsavam at Karnataka Sanga, Ramarao Kala Mandapam, T, Nagar Chennai.  Upanyasam will be delivered by Sri U.Ve.Dushyanth Sridhar for 3 days from 5 th to 7th June  2014. The topics covered are Nammai Kaakum Garudan, Nalam Tharum Mahalakshmi & Bhooloka Vaikundam Srirangam. The upanyasam will take place in the evening from 6.30 to 8.30 P.M , Tamilnadu Brahmanar Sangam invites all astikas to take part in this Upanyasa Mahotsavam.

The details of the event is given in the patrikai

Upanyasam dushyanth 1 Upanyasam dushyanth 2

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  1. Namaskaram,

    Could some elderly and scholarly scholar of Srivaishnava sampradayam put a word of advice to Dushyant Sridhar. His talks are all excellent and crowd-capturing, but they are not worthy of being called upanyasams or kalakshepams. He cannot live two lives, off-stage and on-stage. He may be employed in a corporate company, but that does not stop him from being in partial swaroopam at least. He is active on the social networking sites, and puts up a lot of pictures from his visits abroad. In many of those, he is seen without any Thiruman, and worse, posing for pictures wearing shorts and sporting a french beard, etc. He needs to understand that being a upanyasaka he is expected to follow a certain lifestyle, which will impact his listeners. I will not accept the argument that one can lead two different lives. Nobody will complain if any ordinary, mundane Srivaishnava wears shorts, dresses in modern/Western dresses and has no Thiruman. But when you want to speak about Sampradayam, live a life accordingly. Sampradayam is not just in speaking, but more so in living. Many elders have conducted themselves such. Please ensure you do not bring a disrepute to Sampradayam by conducting yourself in such disgraceful manner.

    I will be happy if someone reading this can convey the message to Dushyant Sridhar.

  2. This is adiyen’s opinion regarding SriDevi’s observation. While rendering a discourse or upanyasam this is true. Most of us observe a dual policy.The point is observe swaroopam atleast where required.At Dushyanth Sridhar’s age even sandhyavandanam is not done by most.By taking interest in our sampradhaya and reaching out to people by talking in their language it cannot be denied that our sampradhaya is being spread.We are using the medium of English to talk sampradhaya. Is it wrong?

    • Once a disciple of Parashara Bhattar, asked him
      “what is ‘Srivaishnava Lakshnam?'”
      Bhattar sent him to Swami Ananthazhvan at Thirumalai
      to find out from him the answer for this question.
      The disciple obliged, but the acharyan did not answer
      him immediately.
      The disciple conducted kainkaryam in the madam for
      nearly 6 months. And then one day thadeeyaaraadhanam
      was going on. The disciple could not get any place in
      the ‘pankthi’
      The acharyan was watching this and in the last pankthi
      he called up the disciple, made him sit beside him and
      they had food.
      After the food, the acharyan spoke to the disciple,
      ‘you asked me about the ‘srivaishnava lakshnam?
      Let me tell you now.
      It will be like
      – a stork (kokkai pola irukkum)
      – a hen (kozhiyai pola irukkum)
      – salt (uppai pola irukkum)and
      – you (ummai pola irukkum)
      Now go back Parashara Bhattar.”
      Parashara Bhattar explained thus:-

      # A Srivaishnavan must behave like a stork that waits
      with utmost patience in a stream for the fish.
      He will not be greedy and will take food only he needs
      Like a stork that waits in running water (jala
      vrudhdhi sthaan ), he will have to go to divya desams
      to get anugraham.
      (Patience and not desiring for prakruthi-related items
      beyond what is minimally required by him are the
      qualities ascribed here.)

      # Like a hen that is always busy searching for its
      aaharam, he will always be on the look out of the
      vedaarthas of Nammalwar and the 4 prabhanthams.
      (Gyana vrudhdhi is mentioned here)

      # Like salt,that gives its taste to the padhartham
      though it is dissolved in it, he will be vibrating his
      gunas all around.
      (a complete dilution of ego is indicated here even
      while radiating those characteristics that make him
      and those around him feel satisfied with the ‘ruchi’)

      # Like ‘you’, who preferred to wait till the end of
      the pankthi, he will wait till the end.
      (once again patience and calmness indicated here)
      Note:- the footnotes given under each of the four are
      mine and any misinterpretation is due to my ignorance
      only.( From India Divine.Org)


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