Sirupuliyur Sri Krupasamudra Perumal Jaya Varusha Brahmotsavam: Day 1-4


sirupuliyur mohini alankaram

As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri KrupaSamudra Perumal Thirukkoil, Sirupuliyur, today, June 3, 2014, Jaya Varusha Vikasi Ayilyam, Day 4 utsavam is being celebrated. Jaya Varusha Brahmotsavam at the temple commenced on May 31, 2013 with Dwajarohanam. On the previous day, Ankurarpanam took place. As part of the Brahmotsavam, Perumal will have purappadu in different vahanams and alankarams in the morning and evening. On Day 1 Dwajarohanam and Pushpa Pallakku purappadu took place. On Day 2, Perumal gave darsanam in Bakasura Vadam alankaram in the morning and had purappadu on Surya Prabha in the evening. On Day 3, there was purappadu for Perumal in Kalingamardhanam alankaram and Sesha Vahanam in the morning and evening respectively. Today morning, Perumal gave darsanam in beautiful Mohini Alankaram.

The following are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam so far…

Day 4

sirupuliyur mohini alankaram1 sirupuliyur mohini alankaram2 sirupuliyur mohini alankaram3 sirupuliyur mohini alankaram4sirupuliyur mohini alankaram

Day 3

sirupuliyur sesha vahanam sirupuliyur sesha vahanam2 sirupuliyur sesha vahanam1 sirupuliyur sesha vahanam3 sirupuliyur Kalinganruthana krishnan sirupuliyur Kalinganruthana krishnan2 sirupuliyur Kalinganruthana krishnan1

 Day 2

sirupuliyur surya prabha sirupuliyur Bakasura vadam sirupuliyur Bakasura vadam1 sirupuliyur Bakasura vadam2 sirupuliyur Bakasura vadam3

Day 1

sirupuliyur Day1 utsavam sirupuliyur Day1 utsavam1 sirupuliyur Day1 utsavam2 sirupuliyur pushpa pallakku sirupuliyur dwajarohanam sirupuliyur dwajarohanam1 sirupuliyur dwajarohanam2 sirupuliyur dwajarohanam3 sirupuliyur dwajarohanam4 sirupuliyur dwajarohanam5
Photography by Sri Vasu

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