Vasanthotsavam At Kumbakonam Sri Aravamudan Sannidhi



The 10-day Vasanthotsavam at Thirukudanthai Sri Aravamudan Sannidhi in this Jaya Varusham is conducted between June 7th to June 16th 2014.  Vasantha Kaalam is to be a period that brings in a nice breeze in the evenings, flowers are said to blossom and a time that is neither too hot nor rains. Every year this utsavam is celebrated in Vaikasi month for ten days

The following are a some of photographs taken during Irandam thirunaal of the utsavam

Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_00 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_01 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_02 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_03 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_04 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_06 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_07 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_08 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_11 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_12 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_13 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_15 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_16 Aravamudhan_Vasanthotsavam_17
Photography by Sri Raghavasimhan

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