Namazhwar Thirunakshatram Utsavam At Azhwar Thirunagari


Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_02

Jaya Varusha Namazhwar Thirunakshatram was celebrated in a grand manner at Azhwar’s Avathara Sthalam of Azhwar Thirunagari. The utsavam commenced on May 31, 2014 and culminated into Azhwar’s Thirunakshatram on June 11, 2014 (Vaikasi Visakam). On this day, Swami Namazhwar had purappadu till Tamraparani where a grand Theerthavari took place. On the previous day, Azhwar had purappadu in Thavalum Kannan thirukolam.

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The following are some of the related photographs and video taken on Swami Namazhwar’s Thirunakshatram and previous day…

Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_11Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_18  Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_09 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_08Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_10 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_07 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_06 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_05 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_04 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_03 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_02Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_12Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_13 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_17 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_16 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_15 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_14 Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_00Azhwar Thirunagari Namazhwar_19

Photography and Video by Sri Madan

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  1. Dhanyosmi! Thanks to Anudinam and the kainkaryam of those sharing the photos and video we are able to have the anubhavam wherever we live. Also we feel the urge to have the anubhavam in person.


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