Thiruvallur Sri Veeraraghava Perumal Aani Theppotsavam Commences



On June 26, 2014, Thursday; Jaya varusha Aani Amavasai, Theppotsavam started off in a grand way at Sri Kanakavalli nayika sametha Sri Veeraragahava Perumal Divya Desam, Thiruvallur. Aani Theppotsavam is a three-day utsavam which will take place June 28, 2014. HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan, was present present for the utsavam. He offered mangalasasanam to Thayar and Perumal here. After the Theppam, Perumal had purappadu back to the temple through the mada veedhis. On all these three days, Moolavar will give sevai to devotees in Muthangi vastram. Several astikas took part in the utsavam and got blessed by Acharyan, Thayar and Perumal. Below are some of the photographs taken during the utsavam yesterday…

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