Sri Lakshminarayana Stotram: Sloka 4


Arasanipalai Swathi Thirumanjanam 2014--02

Sloka 4

bhAgyam jagatyAm upavarNanIyam tvadIya sevAphalam Amananti |
astokadivyAdhvaravedibhogye jAnegrahAre tava bhAgyam etat ||

Meaning and Comments:

The worldly opinion is that one gains viSesha bhAgyams by worshipping EmperumAn. This is true. Oh LakshmI nArAyaNa of ArasANipAlai! aDiyEn thinks that there are unique advantages to You in terms of the conferral of boons, who come to worship You. Your kshetram is extraordinary since there is no place on earth, where so many yaj~nams have taken place. No other EmperumAn, be it divya deSam or abhimAna sthalam, has this unique distinction. sevArthIs at ArasANipAlai gain special sevA phalan from their worship of You because of the specialty of Your sacred sthalam. The yajn~a sambandham is very much behind such unique sevA phalans.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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