Adaikkalapathu: Introduction


Kanchi Sri Perarulalan Ekadasi PUrappadu


Swami Desikan perfomed prapatthi to Sri Varadaraajaa of Hasthigiri in Tamil, which crystallized as eleven verses including the phala sruthi verse of Adaikkalapppatthu housed in Desika Prabhandham. These verses are equally sacred in purport to the NyAsa Dasakam in Sanskrit used for performing SaraNAgathy to Lord Varadaraajan. Swami Desikan’s Araadhana Murthy was Varadaraajan. Time and again, he has offered his profound salutations to Atthigiri AruLaaLan through his sthothrams such as Sri Varadaraaja Panchaasath, Meyviratha Maanmiyam, Thirucchinnamaalai and Sri Hasthigiri Mahaathmyam.

Swami Desikan was born in Thoopul not far from the temple of Varadaraajan, which is known as PerumaaL Koil. It is revered as one of the seven Mukthi KshEthrams. The Lord stands on top of a small hill here saluted as Atthigiri in Tamil and Hasthi Giri in Sanskrit. Here, the Lord responds most affirmatively to all auspicious vrathams of devotees and hence this kshEthram is known as Sathya Vratha KshEthram. The Lord’s greatness is saluted as Meyviratha Maanmiyam.

The Lord of Hasthigiri has been worshipped from time immemorial as Varadhan, Devaraajan, DevapperumaaL, AruLaaLan and PeraruLaaLan. He is saluted as KaaruNya Raasi (the embodiment of Mercy and Dayaa) by Swami Desikan. He is recognized as Avyaaja Vatsalan (One whose natural disposition is affection for His devotees). He is recognized as Varadhan or the boon giver par excellence. The beauty of His Divya MangaLa Vigraham has been enjoyed by Swami Desikan without any satiety.

Swami Desikan has described Sri Varadan as a matchless vessel to cross the tumultuous ocean of Samsaaraa (Samsaara vaaridhi nidhi santhraNaika pOtham). He is saluted as the end statement of ALL words (Sarva Vachasaam avasaana seema:). In a most majestic salutation, Swami Desikan has recognized Him as “Nithyam param Sarva Gatham SusUkshmam nishpandha-nandhathu mayam Bhavatha: svarUpam”.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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