Adaikalapathu: Pasuram 2


Kanchi Sri Peraralulan Kodai utsavam day 5 2014--20



Here again ananya gathithvam is celebrated in another way. adiyEn offers my prapatthi at the sacred feet of PeraruLaaLan while fully cognizant of the fact that the power and wealth of even Brahmaa and Sivaa are evanescent and transitory and are fully dictated by their karma visEshams. Once their accumulated puNyams are over, their status as powerful demi-gods disappears. Knowing their alpa sukhams fully well, I am not enamored of such status and power. I seek therefore the lasting bliss of moksham and nithya kaimkaryam in the Lord’s Sri Vaikuntam through my prapatthi.


SaDai mudiyan and Chathumukhan here refer to Rudran with JaDai as His makutam and Chathur-Mukha Brahma. Both of them and the other dEvaas are Karma vasyaaLs and enjoy their hard earned positions until their karma phalans hold up. Once they expend all their puNyams, they enter samsaaram. Knowing the impermanence of the status of these dEvaas, Swamy Desikan states that he has opted to perform SaraNaagathy at the matchless pair of sacred feet of Atthigiri AruLaaLar (Kacchi Nagar Atthigiri idamudaya AruLaaLar iNai adikaL adainthEn) for gaining the lasting Moksha sukham.

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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