Therazhundur Sri Amaruviappan Jaya Varusha Aani Sravana Purappadu


Therazhundur Amaruviappan4

Today, July 14, 2014; Jaya Varusha Aani Thiruvonam, Sravana purappadu took place for Sri Amaruviappan Perumal and Swami Desikan at Sri Amaruviappan Perumal Temple, Therazhundur. The deities gave darsanam in Kannadi Arai prior to the purappadu. Several devotees participated in the utsavam.

The following are some of the related photographs in the Kannadi Arai including that of Swami Desikan…

Therazhundur Sravana Purappadu_02 Therazhundur Sravana Purappadu_03Therazhundur Amaruviappan5 Therazhundur Sravana Purappadu_00 Therazhundur Sravana Purappadu_01

Therazhundur Amaruviappan Therazhundur Amaruviappan1 Therazhundur Amaruviappan2 Therazhundur Amaruviappan3 Therazhundur Swami Desikan Therazhundur Swami Desikan1

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