Sri Lakshminarayana Stotram: Sloka 13



Sloka 13

kalyANakulyA kamanIyayUpaH kArSyam kutaH prApa na vedmi tattvam |
kshamasva sarvAnaparAdhavargAn rddhyai samIkshasva sudhAkaTAkshAt ||


Meaning and Comments:

KalyANakulyA is a small stream (rivulet) at ArasANipAlai and there is a beautiful remnants of a yUpa stambham linked to the great yAgams performed there by Veda vitpannAr-s. The rivulet is dry these days and the yUpa stambham is also damaged. We do not know why they are both affected this way. It must be our sins that must have led to this situation. Oh Lord! Please forgive our sins and through Your compassionate nectarine glances look at us and restore the agrahAram to its ancient glory blessed with all kinds of aiSvaryams!

Courtesy: Sri Oppiliappan Koil Sri Varadachari Sadagopan

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