The Tamil Month of Aadi


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Srivilliputtur andal 2014Aadi is the fourth month in the Tamil calendar and falls between July-15th and August-15th. Known as Aashada masam the very first day heralds Dakshinayana punyakalam.  Dakshinayana is the six month period between summer solistice and winter solistice when the sun travels toward the south in the celestial sphere. Pitrus or ancestor worship is  done during Dakshinayana and during Amavasya.  During Aadi Amavasya devotees  visit the banks of sacred rivers and holy seas to take a dip and offer their gratitude to their ancestors. Pitrus are never to be forgotten and feeding the poor or making monetary contributions alone is not enough. One must do charity but Pitru tarpanam is a duty. One cannot forget our parents and ancestors and even during auspicious occasions like upanayanam their blessings are sought (during Naandi).  Since this month is dedicated to Thayar aradhana and Pitru worship,  weddings etc are avoided during this month. Aadi Fridays women and children take an oil-bath and  dress up in their best. Special manjapongal and payasams are prepared. Tamboolam is given to sumangalis and in some families snake hills are worshipped.  The following are the dates to be marked in Aadi:

  1.  July-16th-Aadi Pandigai
  2. July-18th-1st Aadi Velli
  3. July-25th-2nd Aadi Velli
  4. July 26th-Aadi Amavasya
  5. July 30th-Tiruvadi Pooram
  6. August-1st-3rd Aadi Velli and Garuda Panchami
  7. August-3rd- Aadi 18 Perrukku
  8. August 8th-4th Aadi Velli
  9. August-10th-Aavani Avittam
  10. August 11th- Gayathri Japam

Tiruvadi Pooram is the most important day in the SriVaishnava calendar as it is the day our Andal chose for Her avatharam.  Recite Tiruppavai and Nachiyar Tirumozhi and Godha stuthi.  Offer alankara thaligai and tell the story of Andal to the kids at home. Visit a temple and offer puja yatha shakthi to Her.

Garudazhwar worship is auspicious. It fosters unity among family members and leads one to Narayana bhakthi.  Amritha kalasams (kozhakkatai) can be offered on that day.

Aadi Perukku celebrates the filling of the rivers specially Kaveri. Offerings are made to Mother Kaveri and a picnic of sorts is done on the banks of rivers. Different chitrannams like pulihore, lemon rice, coconut rice etc are usually offered to Perumal and eaten that day.

Avani Avittam is the day of Yajur upakarma when the sacred thread is changed.  Special delicacies of the day are Appam and  Poli apart from the usual Pandigai thaligai.

Gayathri Japam is dedicated to mother Gayathri and ritwiks must do japam of Gayathri mantram 1008 times.

Writeup By : Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan


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    Can you please let me know if tomorrow Aadi Swathi is Sri GaruDAzhwAr Thirunakshatram?
    Thank you!


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