Bhagavadh Bhakthargalin Perumai


SriMan Narayana

Bhagavadh Bhakthargalin Perumai is article tells about the importance of Mahans doing Bhakthi to perumal. Sruthi and Smrithi elaborately tells Sriya Pathi Narayanan is Sarvothkrushtan( Paradeivam), On all aspect  His  greateness cant be compared with  Nityatmas, Muktatmas, Baddhatmas and Achethana thing, There is nobody greater than him and equal to him. Vedas  clearly tells “na dhath samaschApyadhi kascha drushyathEHe“, He  has shown his greatness in all avatars, Although  he showed this (Paratvam) aspects clearly in Sri Krishna avatar.The author describes the Govarthanagiri leelai , where  Devendhiran ask Sri Krishna for forgiveness.

Likewise author quotes Sri Krishna winning  with Varunan, Yama, Brahma and Siva at various instances. But there is one person  greater to Perumal are Bhagavath Bakthas (Mahans) and he loses to those Bhaagavathas who are  more (bhakthi) devoted to him. Then author quotes the word Vijithathma and Vidheyathma from Sri Vishnu sahasaranama with Sri Sankara Bhagavadpadar and Sri Parasara Bhattar Vyakhayanams ( Meaning) . The author Emphasizes not to illtreat or misbehave(apacharam) with any Bhaagavathas and  most important things should not be done by Srivaishnava is Bhaagavatha apacharam.He give brief outline of  doing apacharam to Bhagavan can be cleaned by asking forgiveness, for this author explains  from Kakasuran , Ambarishan Viruthantham and Ahalya Sapa Vimochanam. But bhaagavatha abacharam can go only be cleaned or removed by asking forgiveness to the respective Bhaagavatha. The author tells the importance of Saranagathi and how he is cleaned by bhaagavatha apacharam, for this he give quotation from Swami Alavandhar and Swami Ramanujar Srisukthis.


Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-1Indra Prays Sri Krishna Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-2Krishna and brahma Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-3durvasa and Ambarisha Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-4Rama and Ahalya Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-5krishna and sudama Bhagavad Bhakthargalin Perumai-6

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  1. There is nobody greater than GOD. only GOD IS GREAT. It is only the Lord’s kindness and love, that He calls himself -bhaktha paraadhina. LORD SRIMAN NARAYANA IS THE GREATEST and NOBODY IS GREATER THAN HIM!!!!!The lORD forgives apacharam’s against Himself, but does not like it when His bhakthas fight. Just like a loving parent. It only shows His love and caring for His bhakthas.
    srimathe ramanujaya namaha!


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