Jaya Varusha Pancha Samskara Utsavam at Madurantakam – The Day Swami Ramanuja Had His Samasrayanam


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Yesterday, Saturday, 30th August 2013; Jaya Varusha Avani Chittrai, marks the Pancha Samskara Utsavam at Madurantakam Ramar Temple – Vaghularanya Shethram, near Chennai.

In the month of Avani, on the Sukla Panchami day, Peria Nambigal did Samasrayanam or Pancha Samskaram to Swami Ramanuja.

The festival is celebrated every year as the Pancha Samskara Utsavam at Madurantakam. This is the only place where Sri Ramanujar can be seen as a Grihastha (family man). Bakthas can see for themselves the Mandapam (which is within the precinct of the temple madil suvar) where the Pancha Samskaram was performed at this temple.

The day began with …

  • 1.Vishwaroopam at  7 am
  • 2.Theerthavari at 8:30 am
  • 3.Mangalasasanam at 10: am
  • 4.Panchasamskara utsavam at 12 noon
  • 5.Goshti Vinyogam at:30
  • 6.Sribhasya Bagavadvishya Vidvat sadas at 3:30 pm
  • 7.Pushpapallakku Purappadu at 6:30 pm
Sri-Easandan Sri-Bashya Bhagavath-Vishaya Vidwath Sadas happening for the 4th consecutive year on this day is being initiated and co-ordinated by Sri U.Ve. Villur Nadadoor Sri Bhashya-simhasanam Sastrasahitee-vallabha Karunakaracharya Swamy. Photos of the Sadas can be viewed from: Sri Esandan Sribashya Baghavathvishaya Vidwath Sadas At Madurantakam

SamAshrayanam means ‘to approach (AchAryA) with all sincerity’. In a nut shell, during ‘SamAshrayanam’, the AchAryA initiates a person, irrespective of caste, creed or sex, as his sishyA. It is a commitment from the disciple that he or she will live as per the wishes of the AchAryA. Thus the person gets the link to the Sri Vaishnava paramparA. During SamAshrayanam, Pancha SamskAram (five Purifications) is performed and he/she becomes a “Sri VaishnavA”.

This is an wonder eye-opening article written article about Pancha Samskaram: Pancha Samskara / Samasrayanam – A Dialogue

Some of the Videos and Photos taken from the utsavam yesterdat can be viewed below (More videos to be updated later today)
Thirumanjanam for Sri periya Nambigal and Swami Ramanuja, followed by Theethavari & Mangalaasasnam:
Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__165 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__169 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__175 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__176 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__182 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__183 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__186 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__194 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__195 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__197 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__200 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__204 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__208 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__214 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__215 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__224 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__230 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__236 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__240 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__246 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__249 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__250 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__254 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__258 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__265
Sri Periya Nambi and Swami Ramanuja on the way to ManglAsasnam to Perumal
Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__000 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__001 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__002 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__004 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__008 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__009 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__011 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__013 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__019 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__020 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__022 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__023 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__027 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__031 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__032 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__034 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__035 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__039 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__040 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__041 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__043 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__044 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__049 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__053 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__057 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__058 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__067 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__068
Sri Periya Nambi’s Aradhana Moorthy (Kalinganarthana Krishnan along with Shankam and Chakram) on the way to Samasrayana Mantapam and Swami Ramanuja ungergoing Samasrayanam
Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__069 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__073  Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__082 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__086Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__081 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__286 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__082 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__089 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__282 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__283  Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__288 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__292 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__312 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__320 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__321 Madhuranthakam_Panchsamskara Utsavam__335

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  1. Very wonderful event, beautifully captured. Thanks for sharing. If I remember correctly, previously, the theerthavari used to happen in madhranthakam eri, don’t know why they got it as thotti thirumanjanam this year.
    Wasn’t Sri Periya nambigal’s aaradhana moorthy navaneethan nardhana Krishnan?



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