Thuppul Pillai: 7 – Namakku Ar Nigar in NaanilatthE- Who Is Equal To Us [None]


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Swami Desikan in Yali vahanam ThoopulSrI:

SrImathE Nigamantha Mahadesikaya namah:

SrImAn venkatanAthAryaH kavitArkika kesarI |

vedAntAcArya-varyo me sannidhattAm sadA hRdi ||

 Who can be equal to us (nammakku Ar nigar innaanilatthE)- Swamy Desikan says- when he pays his obeisance to Sriman Nathamuni- having been blessed to have such great Sri Nathamuni- who is equal to us?- None. Similarly, with Acharyan like Vedantha Desikan who can be equal to us..None at all. There may be many sages, rishis mahatmas in the world who had taken births. Everyone was great. But all those oceans of greatness put together in one whole entirety was this mahaa samudhram- the huge ocean of greatest of greats- is Sri Nigamantha Guru. This is not just a fanatical statement. Please read this series and one will know why this statement is made. Our Acharya vaLLal  Vedantha Desikan is one with no parallel-” na bhUthO na bhavishyathi”..

  •  Dhruvan was great. Within six months, such a small boy achieved which none did. Even the sages could visualize the Lord in their hearts; but could not see in person physically. Our Dhruvan saw straightaway the Lord Sriman Narayanan in front of him. Bhagawath saakshathkaaram was possible at that tender age for him. With his sheer determination and steadfast devotion, he brought the Lord in front of his eyes. For all the sage he was an example. He was a role model. Even to think of Dhruva’s life is puNyam for us. When Dhruvan was to proceed for VishNu lOka, Yama came rushing to keep his head at his feet so that he can step on it to board the chariot. Yama grabbed the opportunity to purify himself. What a great mahAthmA was Dhruvan! Our Swamy Desikan ThUppul PiLLai within six months had the Bhagawath saakshaathkaaram  Lord Hayagrivan in front of him. He distributed his Hayagriva prasadham to the whole world with the most wonderful Hayagriva sthOthra. He is a ParamOdhArar.
  •  Prahlada was yet another great BOY. His devotion, his determination, his mahaaviswAsam was phenomenal. None can equate his devotion. How many dangers he was put into and how many deadliest punishments he was given by his father! He did not care and still he never ever despised anyone ? such a bhUthasuhrudh. How much patient was he! What a devotee was he! What an equanimity! What an endurance! Unalloyed devotion! Tremendous unflinching faith on Narayanan! Did not dare succumb to pressure! Can we be one millionth of his prowess! (ha ha). Our Swamy Desikan too never ever considers hatred for the wrongdoers and those who committed apcharam to him. His devotion was also steadfast and determined. Ithyananya manasaa vinirmitham vEnkatEsa kavinaasthuthi.
  •  Sage Paraasarar- Vasishta and Pulasthya blessed him happily and wholly. The Parathvam was crystal clear to Sage Parasarar due to their blessings automatically. His VishNupurANam was PurANa rathnam- the gem of Puraanaas. Similarly, our Swamy was also blessed by the great Acharyas AppuLLAr and Sri Nadaadhoor AmmAL- the result of which is History. He demolished the Paramatham and established firmly Ramanuja Darsanam. He established the Vedantha matham with unconquerable building blocks of his granthas.

Thirukannamangai Swami Desikan

  •  Sage Vyasa was a phenomenon- is a gross understatement. What did he not do? He compiled Vedas- wrote Bharatha, 18 purANAs, Bhagawatham, [Bhagawath GitA, Vishnu sahasranamam are all part of mahaabharatham and thus were written by him.] Vyaasaaya vishNu roopaaya vyAsa roopaaya vishNavE.. Our Swamy Desikan also kept writing granthas after Granthas. What did he not write? Kaavya, Naataka, kavi, slokas, drama, rahasyas.. the list is endless. In one part of night, writing 1008 slokas on Padhuka is amazing. The VainathEya- Garuda is the witness for that.
  •  Vaalmeeki- yet another genius sage. Write Sri Rama life and with my blessings, everything will be completed. None of your writing will be wrong. -said Sage Narada. Then came the great epic Ramayana. Our Vedantha Desika too was blessed by Thiruvaheendrapuram Deiva nayaka , mozhi nee (you compose- or utter). Swamy himself says.. mozhi nee enRu mukunthan aruL thantha payan peRREn.. [I have been blessed by Mukunthan, saying. you utter. ] Then came never ending streamflow of granthas after granthas.
  •  Our Swamy Desikan was the Yogi like the mudhal AzhwArs (first three AzhwArs); He was the personification of the devotion to KaNNan- like Sri NammAzhwAr (KrishnathrishNAthatthvam); He was resplendent with Acharya bhakthi like Madhurakavi AzhwAr; Like Thirumazhisai Piraan, he destroyed the other religions and the arguments put forth by them. He was a jnAna vairAgya bhUshaNam,  VairAgya nidhi like KulasEkarAzhwAr; He performed mangaLAsaasanam (Pallaandu) always for the Lord composing sthOthras after sthOthras like PeriyAzhwAr. He is the damsel fallen in love with the Lord Deiva nAyakan like ANDAL. He considered himself as the dust at the feet of Bhagawathas (like ThoNdaradippodi AzhwAr). He immersed himself in the beauty of archaavatar at Divya Desams like num Kaliyan. Like paaNar, he was enslaved by the bhakti of Bhagawathas- aDiyaarkku Atpattavar. Like Bhagawath Ramanuja- he is SIDDHANTA NIRDHAARANA SAARVABHOUMAR. All relions avaidik, non vaidik, were all simply chased away by our Swamy with his unparalleled SatadhUshaNi and Paramatha bhangam. Those who ran away stopped for composing few slokas on the greatness of Swamy Desikan as well. Only Swamy Desikan was praised so in the world. He was praised even by those who lost to him- those who were older than him; because all those had realized him and his greatness vis-à-vis the humility of his and respect towards fellow Srivaishnavas. Such greatest Acharyan Swamy Desikan’s fragrance is spreading still in our Sampradayam and is now spread across the globe wonderfully. Those who are blessed to be born or have come in this sampradayam are piRandhaar uyarndhE..

kavi-tArkika-simhAya kalyANa-guNa-SAline |

Srimate venkateSAya vedAntagurave namaH ||

Writeup by : Sri Madhavakannan

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