Nellore Sri Ranaganatha Temple Swamy Desikan and Aathivan Satagopa Yatheendran Thirunakshatra mahotsavam: Thirumanjanam


Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_13

Swami DesikanĀ  and Sri Adhivan Satagopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan Thirunakshtra Mahotsavam is being celebrated grandly at Sri Vedantha Desikar sannidhi at Sri Talpagiri Ranganathar Sannidhi, Nellore Andhra Pradesh. On September 30, 2014, there will be Navakalasa Snapana Thirumanjanam for Sri Adhivan Satakopan and Pallaki Seva. Swami Desikan Thirunakshatra Utsavam will be celebrated for 4 days between 2nd October to 5th October 2014 in grand manner. Detailed utsava pathrigai can be viewed from: Nellore Sri Vedantha Desikar Temple Swami Desikan & Adhivan Satakopan Thirunakshatra Mahotsava Patrikai

Some of the photos and video taken during Thirumanjanam earlier this week can be viewed below:

Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_11 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_12 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_10 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_09 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_05 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_07 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_00 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_01 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_02 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_04 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_13 Nellore_Ranganatha_Swami Desikan_14


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