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Thiruvekka Sri Yathokthakari Swamy Temple Navarathri Utsavam: Day 5

yathothakari perumal (1)

Jaya Varusha Navarathri Utsavam is celebrated in grand  manner at Sri Yathokthakari Perumal temple, Thiruvekka Divya Desam, Kanchipuram. Day 5 of the utsavam was celebrated on September 29, 2014.

It takes a little time for one to realize that Perumal here at ThiruVekka, is seen in a different sleeping posture from right to left (Maaru Sayanam) with His head resting on the left hand. In all other Divya Desams, where the Lord is represented in a sleeping posture, He can be seen sleeping from left to right with His head resting on His right hand.

Porupidaiye Ninrum, Punal Kulithum
Ainthu Neripidaye Nirkavum, Neer Venda Viruppu
Udaya Vekkaave Serthaanai, Meim Malar Thooik Thozhuthaal
Akkaave Theevinaigal Aainthu- PeyAzhvaar(2357)

பொருப்பிடையே நின்றும், புனல் குளித்தும், ஐந்து
நெருப்பிடையே நிற்கவும் நீர் வேண்டா; விருப்பு உடைய
வெஃகாவே சேர்ந்தானை மெய்ம் மலர் தூய்க் கைதொழுதால்,
அஃகாவே தீவினைகள், ஆய்ந்து?

Such is the fame of the Lord here that PeyAzhvaar in this Paasuram says “There is no need to stand on mountain tops or in neck deep water or in the midst of five fires to penance. Just worship Perumal at ThiruVekka with flowers and a sincere heart. And all Karmaas will go away”.

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Some of the photos taken during day 5 of the Navarathri utsavam (September 29th, 2014) can be viewed below

yathothagaari perumal (1) yathothagaari perumal (2)yathothakari perumal thayar

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