The Tamil Month Of Aippasi


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The Tamil month of Aippasi falls between 18.10.2014 and 16.11.2014. Known as Thula masam the first day is known as Aippasi Vishu or Thula Sankramanam. This day Tarpanam should be done. Kaveri Snanam is done throughout this month. It is in this month that we celebrate Deepavali. This month we have the Tirunakshatram of the three Mudal Azhwars – Poigai, Bhutham and Pey. The  Srivaishnava Acharya Swami Pillai Lokacharya and Swami Manavala Mamuni Thirunakshatram  falls in this month .

The following are the dates to remember:

  • October-18th : Thula Vishu Punyakalam-Thula Kaveri Snanam begins
  • October-19th : Sarva Ekadashi
  • October -22nd :Naraka Chathurdasi -Deepavali
  • October -23rd : Sarva Amavasyai
  • October-28th  :Moolam- Swami Manavala Mamuni Thirunakshatram
  • October-29th : Pooradam -Sri Vishvaksenar Thirunakshatram
  • October-31st  : Sravanam-Swami Pillai Lokachariyar  Tirunakshatram
  • October-31st  : Sravanam-Poigaiazhwar Tirunakshatram
  • November- 1st : Avittam- Bhudathazhwar Tirunakshatram
  • November -2nd : Sadhayam- Peyazhwar Tirunakshatram
  • November- 3rd : Sarva Uthana Ekadashi
  • November -6th : Pournami
  • November-16th :Kadai Mukham


Wish you  a  Happy Diwali!

Writeup By : Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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  1. Nice write-up about the Tamil Thula month. I would only like to add that in Srirangam Ranganathar Temple, during this Thula month, Moolavar Periya Perumaal, Utsavar Namperumal and Sri Ranganayaki Thaayaar are adorned with the Saaligrama Maalai beautifully. Further during the Thirumanjanam of Namperumal, Gold vessels are used in this Thula month.

  2. Swamin is correct.Devotees visitikng SriRangam please look at the Salagrama mala worn by Periya Perumal, NamPerumal and Ranganachiar.

  3. Swamy
    Many thanks for all the information that is being shared in the site. Ever since I read this article, I was very eager to have snanam in cauvery river but then I know I could make it owing to many reasons. But Lord Ranganatha understood my intentions and in some unforseen circumstances I happened to visit Tiruchy and took snanam in cauvery river. I also had a woderfull darshanam of Namperumal, thayar, swamy Ramanuja, Swamy desikan and also visited the dashavatharam sannidhi and brindavanams of srimath azhagiyasingars. Thanks a lot again for posting these articles.


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