Peyazhwar Thirunakshathram (Aippasi Sadayam)


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Peyazhwar mylai

Let us enjoy now the glory of PeyAzhwAr.

“pEsiRRE pEsum Eka kaNdyargaL- “all azhwArs talk in one voice in unison on unparalleled parama vaideeka sathsampradaya.

Thirumangai AzhwAr –when he sang about Thirukkoilur verses- had sung:

Periya Thirumozhi 2.10.4

thaangkarumbOr maalipadap paRavai yoornNdhu

 tharaathalatthOr kuRaimudittha thanmaiyaanai,

aangkarumbik kaNNeersOrnN dhanbu koorum

 adiyavargat kaaramudha maanaan Rannai,

kOngkarumbu surapunnai kuravaar sOlaik

 kuzhaavarivaN disaipaadum paadal kEttu

theengkarumbu kanVaLarum kazhani soozhnNdha

 thirukkOva looradhanuL kaNdEn nNaanE.       2.10.4

The Lord who had appeared on Garudan and chased Maali asuran and others(of LankA before rAvaNan’s time) and removed the sufferings of the world. Thereby the Lord became the sweetest nectar for those whose eyes were welled with tears of joy that time. Such Greatest Lord- I saw Him at ThirukkOviloor, where the bees hum in the most fragrant flower gardens.


Angarumpi- is referred to Poikai;

kaNNeer sOrndhu- to BhoothatthazhwAr

anbukoorum adiyavar- to PeyAzhwAr.

Here Kaliyan refers to kuzhaavarivaNdisai paadum paadal kEttu theenkarumbu kaNN vaLarum. “.. means: the sugarcane plants grow quicker and taller listening to the humming and singing bees in fertile Thirukkoilur.

AzhwAr refers (inner meaning) sugarcane to the Lord of Thirukkoilur- Ayan. Poikai, Bhoo, PeyazhwArs are the bees who sang (in chaste tamil verses). Listening to that- grew Trivikraman in glorious form. This is the swApadEsam.

The same is echoed by Swami desikan in his dEhaLeesa sthuthi sthotra –

7th verse- kaasaara poorva kavimukhya vimarttha janmA….. noonam samAsrayathi noothana SarkarAthvam”

Oh Lord Dehaleesa! You are verily a special quality sugarcane, I would dare say. The three saints (mudhal azhwars) Poikai, Bhutham and Pey azhwArs enjoyed a special squeezing experience with you in the narrow “dEhali” on that dark rainy night. You were perhaps squeezed into an extraordinary variety of juice that precipitated a novel sugrac candy by admixture with the nectar exuded by lotus flowers that your Feet are.

Neither the starting material- sugarcane, nor the product is the ordinary one. The special sugar candy is the most delectable to the special category of bhaktas, referred to us as Paramaikanthins (i.e. those who spurn any god or any goal other than You). Here Swamu Desikan refers to 300 verses when he speaks of unique ambrosia.

vishNO: padE paramE maDhva: uthsa: – says Vedas

Nammazhwar says: acchuvaikkati enkO? aRusuvai adisil enkO?

PeyAzhwAr queries the Lord:

 Munnulagam unDumizhndhaaykku avvulgam eeradiyaal

pinnaLandhu kOdal peridhonRE.. – ennE !

thirumaalE ! senkaNNediyaanE! engaL

perumAnE! Nee idhanai pEsu . (3-20)

for the one who had swallowed and spat the worlds that day (during cosmic dissolution and later in evolution) –is it anything great if He took huge Trivikrama avathAram to measure the worlds? Oh Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayana! Our Lord! Please tell.

Poikai AzhwAr mentions the same query: (1-69)

 Baalan thanadhuruvaay yEzhulaguNdu aalilayin

mElanRu nee vaLarndha meyyenbar- aalanRu

vElai neeruLLadhO viNNadhO maNNadhO

sOlaisoozh kunRedutthaay sollu.

Oh Govardhana giridhaaari! During praLayam, you had swallowed the earth, the fire, waters, air and space into your stomach, and reclined as a small baby on a little banyan leaf floating in the waters. Did that leaf float on water? (which waters?), was it floating in the skies? Or was it on earth? Where was it?- the Lord did not respond obviously. He is maa maayan maadhavan.

Nammazhwar queries the same in his periya thiruvandhaadhi

Seeraal piRandhu siRappaal vaLaraadhu

pErvaamananaagaakkaal pErALA – maarbaarap

pulgi nee unDumizhndha bhoomi neerERparidhE

sollu neeyaamaRiyac choondhu. (16)

Kuresa enquires in his sthothra:

 tvannirmithA jadaragACha tvayitrilOkee

kim bheekshaNaadhiyamruthE BhavathA dhurApA

Your creation this world; Your spit – this world; Your entire property is this universe. For such a property of Yours, You took birth as Vaamanan, and begged for the same; and measured and took it back? Is it a big deal? Tell me.

Vedanta Desika on similar lines queries Lord Rama

You had angered on that day on Samudra raja (ocean) and said, “give me the asthra Lakshmana! I will dry this ocean in one arrow and let all these army of moneys walk on the dried land… But not a single drop of water could evaporate even with your brahmAstra. Why?- Tell me.

Rama did not respond.

Desika gives an answer himself.

From Nandhirgamam, Bharata is performing Aradhanam everyday to Your padhukas and those waters (perumAL padhuka theertham) unite with Sarayu nadhi and that river of Sarayu waters come and unite with the ocean. Because of that padhuka power of Yours, your asthrA could not do anything- enjoys Swamy in Padhuka sahasram.

What a great anubhavam by masters of our Sampradayam, who are blessed with paripoorNa jnAnam! We are so great to be blessed with such AzhwArs, Acharya purushas! Let us read their sreesukthis, listen from erudite scholars and acharyas and enjoy their anubhavams.

Acharyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


1. Article in Tamil was written by Sri Villiputthur Vidwan Sri U Ve KaNNan Swami, Permabur

2. Dehaleesa sthuthi- Desika Sthotra mala- commentaries compiled and written by Sri U Ve Vedantha Desikan Swami

Written By : Sri Madhavakannan


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