Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple Karthigai & Dhanur Maasa Festival Dates


Kanchi Sri DevarajaswamiKanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple Celebrates Sri Perundhevi Thayar Sametha Sri Perarulan ,Azhwar and Acharyan Thirunakshatram in the month of Karthigai and Margazhi . In the month of Karthigai  as usual Panchaparva Purappadu for Sri Devaperumal , Thirumangai Azhwar and Thiruppanazhar Thirunakshatra Utsavam will be celebrated in grand manner . The Margazhi months begins on 16th December of English Calendar. The Pagal Pathu Utsavam is celebrated from 22nd to 31st Decmber 2014.

The Vaikunda Ekadasi Falls on the first day of Gregorian calendar 1st January 2015, The Adhyayana Utsavam starts on Vaikunda Ekadasi and celebrated until  12 January 2015. The Adhyayana Utsava Satrumurai is on 10th January 2015 followed by Iyarpa and Anushtana Kula Utsavam on consecutive days. Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam is also Celebrated from 5th to 15th Januray 2015. The most remarkable Festival with Sri Devaperumal long procession Pazhayaseevaram Parvettai is scheduled on 17th January 2015. The list of festivals  and Perumal Thayar purappadu  dates for Karthigai and Margazhi of kanchi kovil  are given as in the Temple Notice board

All astikas can plan such that to attend on Utsava/ Purappadu days to get beautiful darshan and blessings of Divyadampatis.


Dates Event
17/11/2014 Karthigai Maasa Pirappu Sri Perumal Purappadu
18/11/2014 Ekadasi Sri Perumal Purappadu
19/11/2014 Hastham Sri Perumal Purappadu
21/11/2014 Sukravaram Sri Thayar Purappadu
22/11/2014 Ammavasai Sri Perumal Purappadu
23/11/2014 Sri Thatha Desikan Satrumurai
28/11/2014 (Sravanam& Sukravaram) Irattai Purappadu Perumal and Thayar
2/12/2014 Kaisika Ekadasi Sri Perumal Purappadu
3/12/2014 Kaisika Dwadasi Purana padanam
5/12/2014 Sri Kaliyan Satrumurai (Bharani Dheepam)
6/12/2014 Thirukarthigai Sri Thiruppanazhwar Thirunakshatram
16/12/2014 Dhanur Maasa Poojai Starts
21/12/2014 Sri ThondaradipodiAzhwar Satrumurai
22/12/2014 Pagal Pathu Utsavam – Day 1  (Consecutive days until 30 November 2014)
30/12/2014 Pagal Pathu Utsavam  – Day 9
31/12/2014 Pagal Pathu Utsava Satrumurai
1/1/2015 Sri Vaikunta Ekadasi ( Adhyayana Utsavam Day 1)
2/1/2015 Adhyayana Utsavam day -2
3/1/2015 Adhyayana Utsavam day -3
4/1/2015 Adhyayana Utsavam day -4
5/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day-1, Adhyayana Utsavam day -5
6/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -2, Adhyayana Utsavam day -6
7/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -3, Adhyayana Utsavam day -7
8/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day-4, Adhyayana Utsavam day -8
9/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -5, Adhyayana Utsavam day -9
10/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -6, Adhyayana Utsavam – Satrumurai
11/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -7, Adhyayana Utsavam – Iyarpa
12/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -8, Adhyayana Utsavam -Anushtana Kula Utsavam
13/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -9
14/1/2015 Sri Andal Neerattu Utsavam Day -10  Morning : Golden Palanquin; Evening : Bhogi Thirukalyanam
15/1/2015 Sankaranthi Oorkolam
17/1/2015 Pazhayaseevaram Parvettai
20/1/2015 Ammavasai Sri Perumal Purappadu
21/1/2015 Vanabhojana Utsavam
23/1/2015 Sukravaram Sri Thayar Purappadu
25/1/2015 Ratha Sapthami Morning : Surya Prabhai;  Evening : Chandra Prabhai

Kanchi Devarajaswami temple Karthigai Margazhi utsavam 2014-1 Kanchi Devarajaswami temple Karthigai Margazhi utsavam 2014-2 Kanchi Devarajaswami temple Karthigai Margazhi utsavam 2014-3

Kanchi Sri Perundhevi Thayar

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  1. Excellent and wonderful close-up pictures. Felt like personally participated in the festivals. May Lord Varadharaja shower his blessings for happiness, prosperity and health for all those involved in this kainkaryam!
    Looking forward for upload of Sri Thatha Desikan Satrumurai!


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