Trichy Puthur Sri Aadhivaraha Perumal Sannathi Chathurveda Parayanam Commences


Puthur Sri Adhivarahaperumal TempleOn, 17 November 2014; Jaya varusha Karthikai Pooram; The third year Chatur Veda Parayanam commences in grand manner at Sri Aadhivaraha Perumal sannathi, Puthur Agraharam,Trichy. The third year Chatur Veda Parayanam ( Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharvana) will take place for  1 month  from  from  17th November  to 27th December 2014. All Astikas are invited to attend the Chatur Veda Parayanam and get the blessings of Sri Adhivaraha Perumal.

Vedic pandits can take part as per the dates given below.

Rig Vedam – 17-11-2014 to 21-11-14
Atharva Vaedam – 21-1-14 to 25-11-14
Krishna Yajur Vedam – 26-11-14 to 3-12-14
Gowthama Sama Vedam – 4-12-14 to 13-12-14
Jaimini Sama Vedam – 14-12-14 to 23-12-14
Sukla Yajur – 24-12-14 to 27-12-14 (not confirmed so far)
Purusha Sookatha Homam by 28-12-14
These are some of the videos taken during the occasion…

Courtesy : Sri Aravamuthan

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