Ponpathirkoodam Sri Chaturbuja Ramar Temple Dwajasathambam Installation Appeal


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Dwajasthambam installation in Sri Chaturbhuja Rama Temple -An Appeal to all devotees

Sri Rama, is the personification of righteousness. , an exemplar of sixteen most auspicious virtues, and numerous other lovable attributes, truth, manliness , courage, fortitude, forgiveness , considerateness etc. Sri  Sita presents in her immaculate purity, perfect chastity, matchless beauty, steady loyalty, unbounded love and ready forgiveness. The close affinity that all sections of people feel for this model couple and the reverence in which they hold them are borne out by the fact that even the tiniest village has a temple where they are enshrined and worshipped.

Further, the ancient idol of the heroic ages, the embodiment of truth and of morality, the ideal son, brother, king and so on, has been presented before us by great sages in various forms and images. One such is Sri Devaraja Maharishi, who had the vision of the appearance of Sri  Rama  in the form with four arms in Sri  Chaturpuja Kothanda Rama. Temple in Ponpathirkuttam village, just 13 km from Chengalpattu town..  There, it is splendid Temple darshan of HIM with two arms with Sangam and Chakram and the other two arms with Chin muthras  of Abhaya and Varadha.

Similarly moolasthanam here is a rare unique, showing both Sri Rama and Sita together who constitute supreme phenomenon.  They form an inseparable unit. They cohere so close that it is impossible to separate one from the other. The grateful beneficiaries, who notice sita seated beside Sri Rama on the same pedestal offer worship to both with equal diligence and devotional favor. Sri Kothandaramar and Sri Sita  idols with Sri Lakshmana in standing pasture, close to the divine couple and Sri Anjaneya with his mouth closed by his hands in full humbleness before them is the rarest position in any shrine in this country.

Dwajasthambam is considered as one connecting the heaven and an earth. Dwaja means as ‘whatever is raised for a man to a higher level in activities and understandings. Dwajasthambam means the post with a full confidence and longing for a desire to overcome ignorance. Dwajasthambam indicates the location of the temple and the three horizontal indicators pointing towards the main deity in the temple representing the righteousness, reputation and respects to the deity..Dwajasthambam helps during lightning ,and as  it is the highest point mostly, and it acts as heavy impulse directly on the ground and prevent dangers totally. It is believed that Garuda in this Dwajasthambam removes all sarpadoshams .

The temple authorities felt the importance of Dwajasthambam in the temple and made efforts to install the same with brass coating. Necessary teak wood have been procured with the permission of Government of Tamilnadu and the works began on 13 10 2014. Sri Chathurbhuja Kothandaramar Kaingarya Sabha Upaya Thiruppani Committee has taken this task to complete the same with the support of all devotees. Huge expenditure towards the installation and Samprokshanam is expected in this, devotees may join this task in various forms. Even  a small brick or one handful of sand will fetch large Yagna size benefits,It is needless to tell that many devotees attained what all they prayed .

Hence in order to get the happiness to all, Engum Thiruvarul Petru Inbura, we invite all the devotees of Sri Ramachandra Moorthy to participate in this. This will then automatically make the committee to conduct this early, and efficiently.

The contributions may be sent as ,cheque or DD in favour of Sri Chathurbhuja Kothandaramar Kaingarya Sabha UTC and may be sent to the  office in A/8 Naranghi Flats, 51, Thambiah road, West mambalam , Chennai- 600 033.

Courtesy : A.J.Rangarajan





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  1. Dear All


    The contributions for DWAJASTHAMBAM may also be forwarded to

    Mr.Srikanth P.D., “Akshaya Flats”, Treasurer of Sri Chathurbuja Kothandarama Kaingarsya Sabha, No.3/22 Arimuthu Maistry Street, Triplicane, Chennai 600 005

    Mobile No.98840 71075


  2. Kindly find the bank detail below, Kindly inform Mr A.J.Sethuraman Mobile no +91 9444518810, if have transferring money to Temple account, then he can check the money receive in account and confirm you. He will also send you receipt for your contribution to your mailing address.

    Punjab National Bank, Chengalpattu Branch
    A/C No – 6075000100029365

    IFSC Code Bank Name Branch Name Address


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