Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum Upanyasam By Sri U.Ve Asuri Madhavachariar At Srirangam Sathajith Bhavanam


Srirangam-THiruppavai-Satrumurai-at-Sadajith-bhavanam-20Sri U. Ve. Asuri Madhavachariar  Swami has been rendering Upanyasams on various topics for many years in different places in Tamilnadu. Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum upanyasam will take place at  Sathajith Bhavanam (Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam) located at the junction of West Chitra Veedhi and North Chitra Veedhi.  U.Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar Swami who prefers to known as the Shisyan of Tirukundanthai Andavan Swami will be  rendering Thiruppavai lectures for 50 days  from 16 December 2014. The upanyasam will take place in the evening from 5.00 to 6.00 p.m. All astikas in and around Srirangam  can make this oppurtunity to participate in upanyasam and get the blessings of Sri Andal.

Thiruppavai Upanyasam by Madhvachariar

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  1. aDiyen Namaskaram! This is Roopa from Bangalore। Keenly looking for Asoori Madhavachariar Swamy’s grantha kalakshepam and Bhagavad Vishayam . Is there is any way you can help me please ?! Samashryanam and Bharanyasam have been done at the divine feet of Srimad Azhagiya Singar 46th pattam 🙏🏻 Dhanyosmi !


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