Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 2


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Srivilliputhur Sri Andal with kizhi-0017.12.2014 the second day of Margazhi  pasuram-2 that is Vaiyaathu Vazhvirgaal was chanted after thanian chanting was over. About 60 devotees gathered at Sathajith Bhavanam to listen to Ubha Ve Asuri Adoor Madhavachariar explain the 2nd day’s pasuram and introduce  us to Tirumangaiazhwar’s Tirunedunthandakam.

Andal identifies Herself as a gopi of Vrindavan and all the women devotees of Srivilliputhur as gopikas and the reigning deity Vatapathrasayi as Krishna. Andal adresses the denizens of the universe and invites them to join Her in doing Krishna Bhakthi. Vaizham also means vehicle. The vehicle refered to is the shariram (body). The Kathopanishadh calls the shariram as a ratham, (chariot) the seated person is the jeevathma,  the mind is the controlling unit. In this pasuram Andal underlines the rules to be followed for observing Margazhi Vratham. “Get up early in Brahma Muhurtham and take a bath. Sing His praises, obey the sastrams, abstain from doing asatraic actions ”  Do not engage in idle gossip and do not malign anyone. Give alms to the needy, at the appropriate time and without pride or propoganda. Vidya dhanam should be done as it is gnana dhanam. Dhanam should be done with satvika thyagham. In this pasuram Ksheerabdhinathan (The lord reclining in the ocean of milk) is invoked.

After Tirupavai Swami started the introduction  to Tirunedunthandakam.

After Krishnavatharam Perumal returned to SriVaikuntam, saddened that He could not make people understand Him, Nityasuris were sent to earth as Azhwars. Sukha Brahmam predicts the coming of Azhwars in Srimadh Bhaghavatham.  .Azhwar  creations in Tamil are called Dravida Vedams and have revealed the Vedic meanings to all irrespective of sex, creed or caste.  Some Azhwars took avatharam in Dwapara yugam and some in Kali yugam.  Tirumangaiazhwar took avatharam in Kaliyugam at Sirkazhi and He showed that Bhaaghavadha thadeearadhanai is equal to theertha yatra and visiting divyadesams. He got upadesham of the three mantrams from Perumal and Piratti themselves.  He composed 6 prabhandhams as angams to Nammazhwars four compositions.  In Tirunedunthandakam the three tatvams of Vishishtadvatha are discussed. The 3 tatvams are  Achetanam, Chethanam and Ishvaran. Our shariram (body) is destructible and comes under achetanam, our atma (soul) is indestructible but the Preritha the Master, Controller is Paramatma. It was by understanding Tirunedunthandakam that Parasara Bhattar won over an advaithin at Tirunarayanapuram and established Ramanuja Darshanam. So convinced was the Vedanthi that he became Bhattar’s shishya and became known as Nanjeeyar.

Writeup & Video By : Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan


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