Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 3


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Kanchi Perumal Kovil Sri Andal THiruvadipooram Utsavam  day 10 2014 5018/12/2014 was Day 3 of Tiruppavai Mahayagyam. At Sathajith Bhavanam Srirangam Ubha Ve. Asuri Adoor Madhavachariar Swami started the discourse by saying that the first five pasurams of Tiruppavai are introductory in nature. The third pasuram  Oongi ulagalandha ”  sings about the greatness of Vamanavatharam. Dhaanam (charity) done with ahankaram is not liked by Perumal. He wanted to destroy the slight ahankaram that His devotee Mahabali had, so He put His Tiruvadi on His head and sent him to patalalokam. He went to the extent of begging in order to honour the saranagathi done by the devas. Andal uses the superlative Uthaman (The Best) to describe this avatharam. She invites Her friends to take an early bath and  sing His glories. This  would make the clouds pour forth copious rains.  She says three rains would ensue: one for the  Vedadhyayi (chanter of Vedas), one for the pathivratha (chaste wife) and one for the righteous ruler. Rains will foster good crops, plenty of water in water-bodies. Fish would dance in the waters and fields and bees would buzz around the water lilies. Because of Krishna’s touch milk would flow incessantly from the udders of cows and there would be dearth of vessels but not  of milk. In short there would be prosperity and plenty.  The three rains refer to three gnanams, the fish refer to Vishnu bhakthas who stay awake to hear His glories, the bees refer to acharya or who possess six qualities (bees have six legs). The cows refer to Brahmavids whose knowledge pours forth continuously and incessantly to shisyas. Vibhava form of Perumal is referred to in this pasuram.

Swami then entered into the explanation of  the first two lines of Tirunedunthandakam. All humans have an infatuation with material pleasures. We all have the desire for wealth and possessions.These cater to bodily needs .But the body will perish one day. The atma is Anandam and immortal. Unlike the body it cannot be seen but by following gnana yogam the atma can be realized but this is not the end. Bhaghavan the ultimate is present in achetana (shariram) and chetana (atma).  Known as Brahmam He is the only Truth, with no second or parallel. He is Sarvavyapi (omnipresent). He is present in the air, in water in the atma. He is the source of the entire creation, the protector and the destroyer. He is the reservoir of kalyanagunams.  Jeevatma and achetanams are His shariram. He is the antaryami to everything created. He is like ghee in freshly milked milk that is His presence is not manifest but exists and has to be realized.

Writeup & Video by :  Vyjayanthi Sundararajan


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