Sri Nachiyar Kovil Jaya Varusha Kal Garuda Sevai Patrikai


Nachiyar Kovil Kal Garuda Sevai Patrikai 2014In every year theKal Garuda Sevai purappadu take place two times at Sri Nachiyar Kovil ( Srinivasa Perumal Kovil) Kumbakonam. The Kal Garuda Sevai will be conducted in the month of Margazhi and Panguni. This Jaya Varusham it is conducted on 13th day of Margazhi maasam, 28th  December 2014. The another is on 15th of Panguni maasam,29th March 2015.  All astikas are invited to attend the Kal Garuda Sevai at Nachiyar Kovil and get the blessings of Divyadampatis…

Last Year Margazhi Kal garuda Sevai  Photos & videos : Nachiyar Kovil Kal Garuda Sevai (Video Updated)

Nachiyar Kovil Kal Garuda Sevai Patrikai 2014-1Kumbakonam Nachiyar Kovil-1Kumbakonam Nachiyar Kovil-2

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  1. Thanks for the information. Can anyone inform the days on which Kal Garuda Sevai is celebrated as per Tamil calendar, month,thithi,nakshatram,paksham etc every year ?

  2. Please inform the date of kal garuda sevai in 2018. I want to perform Seven weeks Archanai. I want to send money by “Money Order”. Please let us know the amount and address.


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