Therazhundur Sri Amaruviappan Temple Thiruadhyayana Utsavam Pagal Pathu : Day 1 to 3


Therazhundur Sri amaruviappan Hanumath jayanthiOn , 22nd  December 2014 ; Jaya Varusha Margazhi Moolam, Thiruadhyayana Utsavam commenced with Pagal Pathu at Sri Amaruviappan Temple, Therazhundur. On this occasion , in the morning Thirumanjanam was performed for Sri Gosakan with his Consorts ,Thayar,Azhwar and  Acharya   in a very grand manner. Likewise on day 2 & 3 of pagal pathu was celebrated Thirumozhi pasuram recitation during goshti parayanam. On 21 December 2014, Hanumath Jayanthi was celebrated with Anjaneyar giving darshan in Vennaikaapu Alankaram.   Lot of  devotees participated in the Day 1 to 3 of Pagal utsavam and received the blessings of Azhwar, Acharya and Divya Dampatis.

The following are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

DSCN0308 DSCN1130 DSCN1136 DSCN1136-1 DSCN1136-2 DSCN1136-3 DSCN1138 DSCN1145 DSCN1147 DSCN1147-1 DSCN1167 DSCN1167-1 DSCN1168 DSCN2964 DSCN2964-1 DSCN113001

Photography : Smt Radha Vasan

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