Sri Nachiyar Kovil Jaya Margazhi Kal Garuda Sevai Purappadu Videos


Nachiyar Kal Garuda Sevai 2014-1On, 28 December 2014; Jaya Varusha Margazhi Purattathi , Kal Garuda sevai took place in a very grand manner at Nachiyar Kovil.In the evening Perumal and Vanjullavalli Thayar Purappadu to Vahana Mandapam and asthanam. Later  around  6.30 p.m Kal garudan Purappadu to vahana mandapam  for Perumal Purappadu. Inspite of  heavy rainfall  on the streets of Thirunaraiyur ,Thousands of Astikas was in joy to have darshan of perumal in  Kal garuda sevai utsavam. Around 11.00 p.m Vanjullavalli Nachiyar comes out of vahana Mandapam in hamsa vahanam followed by Srinivasa Perumal in Kal Garudan. There was a huge Gosham saying Govind Govinda while they  had darshan of Srinivasa Perumal In Periya Thiruvadi. Thiruveedhi Purappadu in Chariot like chapparam ( Ther), where  Perumal and Thayar in unjal inside the chapparam. As of heavy rain thiruveedhi purappadu took place only in one of the Temple streets  out of 4 streets , then the procession returned back to  Kovil  Vahana Mandapam. First Kal garudan get backs to his abode from vahana mandapam, Then  Srinivasa perumal and Vanjullavalli Thayar in Palanquin (thozhukku iniyan) had ul purappadu and get backs  to Moolasthanam around 1.00 a.m. Thousands of Astikas participated in the Jaya Margazhi Kal Garuda sevai at Thirunaraiyur and had the blessings of  Divyadampatis in Garuda Sevai.

For Photos of Kal Garuda Sevai Visit : Sri Nachiyar Kovil Jaya Margazhi Kal Garuda Sevai

These are some of the photos taken during the occasion….
Kal Garudan from Moolasthanam to Vahana mandapam Ezhuntharulal

Vanjullavalli Nachiyar Purappadu in Hamsa Vahanam

Srinivasa Perumal Purappadu On Kal garudan

Thayar and Perumal From Thiruveedhi Purappadu return  back to temple Vahana Mandapam

Thayar and Perumal In Thollukku Iniyan to Moolasthanam

Video By : Srinivasan

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