Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 10


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Sri Andal SVDDOn 25/12/2014 the 10th pasuram (Nottru suwargam) of Andal’s  unique outpouring Tiruppavai was the subject of Ubha Ve Adoor ,Asuri Madhachariar swami at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam, Srirangam. Swami began the talk by referring to our ten indhiriyas which come in the way of Bhaghavath bhakthi. By practising karma yogam some control over indhiriyas are attained. Acharyas by their sadh upadesam foster Indhiriya control. 10 is the number of pradhanacharyas beginning from Perumal/Piratti to swami Desikan. Starting from the 6th pasuram (pullum) acharyas are indicated. Andal being an amsam of Bhumi Piratti could see the coming of acharyas in the age of kali because of Her gnana- chakshus( the eye of wisdom). In the  10th pasuram beginning “Nottru suwargam”Andal and friends wake up a gopi who is in Bhaghavathanubhavam and is not yet out of her bed. She has already surrendered her soul to Perumal by doing saranagathi and is in a worriless state. Suwargam here does not refer to the swargam ruled by Indra, the domain of Urvasi and Menaka. Suwargam refers to the bliss of Bhaghavathanubhavam she is enjoying. In Srimadh Ramayanam when Seetha says being with Rama is swargam for Her and being away from Him is narakam, She refers to the state of Her mind not to Indralokam. Likewise in Kathopanishad when Nachiketh asks for knowledge of Agni vidya the word  swargam  is Bhaghavathanubhavam  that  he is talking about. So the ammanai (swamini) addressed here is so immersed in Krishnanubhavam she  is oblivious of  Andal goshti calling her to join them in the Pavai Nonbu. We can smell the Tulasi they say which means Krishna’s presence can be detected . Tulasi is Kesava priyai and Perumal manifests Himself with Tulasi garland ( Tulasi  induces sheetalam that is coolness)  before His bhakthas.Andal asks this gopi whether she has inherited the quality of sleep from Kumbhakarna and has managed to even win the sleeping competition between him. Excessive sleepiness and inattentiveness is  generated due to predominance  of tamogunam. Kumbhakarna like Vibhishana advised Ravana to return Seetha to Rama but his judgement was clouded by Tamas  and he failed to join SriRama. Addressing the girl   as their shirobhushanam of their goshti they invite her to join them in singing the praises of Sriman Narayana. This pasuram refers to Nammazhwar who gave the four thousand divya prabhandhams to Nathamunigal  and became the shirobhushanam of the azhwars.Poigai,Bhutham, Pey and Tirumazhisai azhwar have been woken up in the preceeding pasurams. One who has surrendered his soul to Perumal through an acharyan is called a kritha krithyan . Having taken prappathi we should attempt to talk about its greatness and make more and more people reach moksham. A  poorna kalakshepadhikari should spend time in educating more and more devotees and lead them to archanubhavam.

Having discussed in brief the 10th pasuram of Tiruppavai swami  continued with the 2nd pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam. In the determination of Paratvam all thirty three crores of devathas got eliminated in the first round itself. The three remaining were Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. When devathas are in trouble they seek the advice of Shiva . When Shiva faces   a problem he goes  to consult Brahma and when Brahma is in a fix he seeks  the help of Vishnu. But Vishnu does not seek ashrayam (asylum) anywhere  and is Swatantran (independent) He however  acts in accordance with the direction  of acharyas .He is” Desika aadheshakanshi “(awaits directions from acharyas).All three are endowed with shakthi(strength). The hirnayagarbhan Brahma gets upadesham of Vedas from Perumal and does his job of creating .Agni(fire) is the hue of the dancing Shiva .From the sound of his drum were born  vykarana sastram( Sanskrit grammar).Vishnu has the colour of the deep ocean and does rakshanam (protection).Krishna tells Draupadhi that even the oceans  could dry up but  He would never go back on His words. An ocean is a vast expanse and is very deep. It is a virtual treasure house with corals and pearls and several gems.All rivers end in the sea, so also all gods merge in Keshavan. The ocean has sousheelyam as its salty water is converted to rainclouds which fall down on earth as bountiful rain. Vishnu is rakshanamurthi and He takes on whatever colour He desires. While on earth we take care of our shariram(body) by taking tonics and getting ayushomams done. But these cannot change the day our shariram will fall down. The day we will die is determined by our karma. Similarly men hoard as much wealth  as they   can and Bhooma Devi laughs at such persons who forget that they will have to leave behind all treasures when they die. Atmarakshabharanam is His responsibility. After giving shristi to Brahma and samharam to Shiva, He does rakshanam and has  palana samarthyam ( the capacity  to execute) He makes the sun set for Arjuna, He tells Bheema how to kill Duryodhana and by taking Draupadhi to Bheesma procures his ashirwadam for her. Vyhuha, vibhava and archamurthis all have the qualities of Paravasudevaroopam. His dark blue colour is the colour of karuna  (mercy) and He is Shuddhasatvamurthi.

Worshipping Brahma will foster interest in material pleasures.The desire for gold keeps increasing and the child who sights Brahma while in the mother’s  garbham(womb) will be always desirous of material pleasures. The baby who sights Shiva while in the mother’s womb will be prone to destroying things and will exhibit destructive tendencies. The one who sights Vishnu in the womb will be endowed with Vishnu bhakthi and will desire freedom from further births. He will have a cool disposition and will not be prone to anger and agitatedness. Thus He alone is worthy of being worshipped. Shiva pulled off one of the heads of Brahma and it stuck to his fingers. Only Vishnu redeemed him. So we need to be sehabhuthas to Perumal alone who is like a white blanket ( sastras say that those who donate blankets reduce their sins. He is compared to Indra gopam, Kusumba flower and lightning. Though He takes the hues He desires as Paramapadhanathan His colour is that of the rain-bearing clouds.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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