Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 13


Srirangam Sri Andal 28/12/2014 was the 13th pasuram ” Pullinvay keendanai”  and at Tirukudanthai Andavan Tirumamani mandapam, Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhachariar’s upanyasam on Tiruppavai and Tirunedunthandakam was enjoyed by a hall packed with eager listeners. Swami began by saying that Bhaghavathanubhavam should be done in the company of Bhaghavathas, While going to the temple we should ask others to go with us. Similarly we should tell others about kalakshepams, upanyasams taking place and share our  experiences . By discussing our doubts get cleared and better understanding happens. Happiness is fostered. The day we have no connection with Perumal is the day we undergo starvation. Listening to His glories make bhakthas dance with joy. To the nasthikan divya mangalamurthis appear as panchalokam but He has aprakrutha shariram and reveals His swayam prakasa shariram to bhakthas. The gopi of this pasuram has ruchi in archanubhavam, Nrisimha, Rama and Krishna are poornavatharams. Though Nrisimhavatharam was of short duration Perumal entered into every atom and molecule  (Nrisimhagarbham) in the universe  exhibiting His sarvavypathivam. In this pasuram the killing of Bakasura ( the crane asura) is mentioned and a polla arakan( bad rakshasasa Ravana) is talked about. The adjective is mentioned because Vibheeshana was a good rakshasa. The act of pinching and throwing could refer to Nrisimhan who used His nails to tear Hiranyakasipu. Andal and friends   tell the gopi inside that Brihaspathi has set and Sukran(Jupiter) has dawned signifying the end of agnanam and birth of gnanam. Brihaspathi though the guru of devas talked naasthikam whereas the asura guru Sukracharya revealed Vishnu to Mahabali and warned him of his future. He also wrote about puja-vidhi( how to perform worship) and vigraha prathistai( installing Perumal’s divyamangalamurthis) So Sukracharya was the better guru. Get up and join us in calling His names like Ranga and Govinda.Gurus destroy our kama, krodha , lobham and moham and help us control the rakshasas within us. Mind-control is achieved and shishyas should remember always in gratitude the acharyan who taught him and chant his thaniyans daily.  He should always remember to give him credit for special explanations. One should listen to kalakshepams till the end of his life,and from different people. This pasuram refers to Tondaradipodiazhwar.He sang only about Ranganatha , he taught us how to spend our time fruitfully and what to do to stop re-birth.

Swami procceeded to complete vyakhyanam of Pasuram-3 of Tirunedunthandakam.  No amount of essays or writings can convey fully the nature of Paramatma. One who has a command over the sanskrit language may have the capacity to write a number of slokas about Him but this will not make Perumal manifest before the author. One who desires to see Him can do so  with the help of Shaastras. This shariram (body) of ours has limitations and total knowledge about Him is not possible. But says Tirukudanthai Andavan swami sakshathkaaram happens. One who understands Brahmam imbibes the qualities of Brahmam. Vaakyam alone (statement) cannot beget sakshathkaaram . The statement Tatvam Asi” by itself cannot give moksham.So vaakya janya gnanam will not reveal Brahmam. It cannot reveal Bhaghavan’s roopam and gunam.Just knowing the aphorism will not confer moksham. Dhyanam  (meditation) will help reveal Parabrahmam. But studying and listening to Vedams also fail to reveal all His kalyanagunams. Vedas admit that He cannot be described in words or sentences with our limited intelligence But contemplation of His gunams  ,roopams and colours during dhyanam help in concentrating. Each upanishad experiences Brahman in its own way. Each azhwar’s anubhavam of Him is beautiful.

Swami then moved on to explain Pasuram-4. Before explaining swami recites the pasuram and the assembled shishyas join him in chanting. Thereafter each line is discussed . Since Perumal cannot be fully understood   what is the necessity of chanting vedas and reading ithihasa(epics) .? While reading Srimadh Ramayana we become part of the narraration and even weep at times. Ashtakashara japam help reveal His gunams, Vedas and Vedangams (vyakharanam, chandas, niruktha,kalpa and jyotisham) are contained in Astakshara mahamantram. dharma sasthrams, puranams are all there in ashtaksharam and like azhwars we have to ask our minds to co-operate with us so that we can have Perumal anubhavam. Time should be spent in ashtaksharanubhavam.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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