Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 18


Srirangam Kannadi Arai Andal with rengamannar6/1/2015 was the 22nd day of Tiruppavai pasuram  “Am kanma”  the subject of Ubha Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s upanyasam on “Tiruppavai and Tirunedunthandakam” at  Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Srirangam. This pasuram is about “Prathikulasya Varjanam”.Adiyen will not do things which are contradictory to the sastras is one of  the promise  for prappathi. The realization that  he is subservient to Perumal alone comes. Perumal alone is swatantran (independent) .He is “sarvashakthan” (all powerful) .The question arises that since He is Swatantran , is asking for moksham wrong? Are we disobeying His Aaghya ( His will)? Perumal has given us a shariram ( body) and senses , He has said “Mam ekam sharanam vraja” (surrender to Me alone) .So all indiriyas are to be used for doing the sadhyopayam (means) of “Bhakthi-yogam” or “Saranagathi.” You are our upayam (refuge ) ,forgive our aparadhams (transgressions) and protect us.” is the prayer of a saranagathan.  So Saranagathi does not tread on His Independence .The first step to be taken is the destruction of ahamkaram (I )and  mamakaram (Mine). The realization of “nama:” (not mine)  dawns, the ego is killed. In this pasuram Andal talks of kings and emperors who thought they were swamis(masters)  who came to Krishna’s bedside realizing that rajyam (ruling a kingdom) is a mahavyadhi ( a terrible disease).Andal says she and 5 lakh gopis have come to His bedside to wait at His feet like Arjuna waiting for His kataksham ( for His sight to fall on them) They have no desire for wealth and realize that all wealth is His. Even if they need something material they would not seek anyone else but ask Him only. They know of the king in Nammazhwar’s “Oru Nayakanai” who after losing his vast empire is reduced to begging at night and steps on a black dog , breaking the clay pot he used for begging. We have come to do kainkaryam and wish Your Divya kataksham to fall on us. The kataksham will make our papams vanish and attain You. The reference of multitudes of kings shedding their ahamkaram is to the numerous kings who were imprisoned by Jarasandha and released by Krishna after He had killed Jarasandha. They did not want their kingdoms back but desired eternal service at His feet.

Swami then treated us to a great anubhavam of Pasuram-5 of” Tirunedunthandakam.” Having established that Sriman Narayana is Paratatvam in the first four pasurams, Tirumangaiazhwar treats us to archanubhavam. Archamurthis refer to the divyamangalamurthis in  temples. Tirukkovalur  is one of the 108 divya desams .Located near Villupuram on the banks of the river Pennar  it ,has as its ruling deity Lord Trivikrama who  came as Vamana and grew up to Trivikrama. Andal by using a single word “Onghi” conveys  both Vamana and Trivikramavatharas. Valmiki who talks only about SriRama tells the story of Vamana to Rama and Lakshmana when they  reached Siddhashrama.

Tirumangaiazhwar   says  that with one stomp of His foot He measured the earth. For the sake of the devas  He resorted to begging. Mahabali was a devotee of Vishnu and was a daana prabhu( gave a lot in charity) but he was proud of this quality. To his place came Narayana in the garb of a young Brahmacharin. He had the tejas of all Brahmarisis put together. Seeing Him Mahabali said” Ask whatever You desire, it will be given.” “Give Me three footsteps of land “ said Vamana. Sukracharya ,Mahabali’s kula guru recognized Him as” Maya Manava ko  Hari” and told Mahabali  not to promise anything. But Mahabali had already promised and did not desire to dishonour his word. He asked Vindhyavalli ,his wife  to pour water from the kamandalu (water-pot) .Sukracharcharya blocked the spout by taking the form of a bee. Vamana tried to clear the block with His darbha and hit Sukra’s eye. The water started flowing and the tiny dwarf started growing fast. The giant Trivikrama measured the Earth with just one foot. The next foot pierced through the Surya mandalam, Chandra mandalam ,the galaxy of stars and planets. Lakshmi wanted to accompany Vamana on His mission but being a brahmachari how could He bring Her along for begging? But said She “without Me alms will not be got” so He hid Her under the deer-skin but as He grew She was sighted and the residents of Tirukkovalur realized that the brahmachari was Hari. Oh His lotus Feet they exclaimed!  The heat of the sun will scorch His feet while measuring Surya mandalam?  Padhuka Devi says Swami Desikan in Padhuka sahasram  protected His Feet! Padhukas indicate acharyas who protect Perumal. How can acharyas protect the Protector? Acharyas establish His Eeshwartham by studying Vedams. Paratatva Sthapanam is done by them. They teach by absorbing the essence-The Rahasya Trayams.

While Trivikrama was measuring His second step, Mahabali was thinking how fortunate he was to have been asked by The Giver. How would he give the third step? Eight kinds of vicharam(thoughts) crossed Mahabali’s head. Thinking consists of grahanam (grasping), dhaaranam(retaining) smaranam(remembering) Prathipadhanam (recollecting) uham(guessing),  apoha: (discarding the unwanted) arth vighyanam( clearing doubts for better understanding) and finally achieving Tatva Gnanam.

At this point swami remembered and shared Tirukundanthai Andavan swami’s anubhavam. Tirumangaiazhwar thought look at this Mahabali ,he had conquered the devas(gods)and yet got the bhaghiam of seeing Bhaghavan and giving Him bhiksai whereas he waylaid the rich to do Srivaishnava thadeearadhanam and the Lord did not give him darshanam.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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