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Srirangam Ranganathaswami Temple Kannadi Arai Sri Andal Sannadhi Margazhi Utsavam : Day 29

Srirangam Kannadi arai andal sannadhi day 29On, 14 January 2015, Jaya varusha Margazhi Hastham; Is the day 29 of Margazhi Utsavam at Kannadhi Arai Sri Andal Sannadhi, Sri Ranganathaswami Temple, Srirangam, The sannadhi is near by Chandra Pushkarani & Sri Kothandaramar Sannadhi. On this occasion, 29th  Pasuram Sitram Sirugale,Petram Meithunnum Peruman was portrayed in the sannadhi. Many Bhaagavathas have darshan Of Sri Andal at Kannadi Arai sannadhi during the margazhi month. Lot of astikas had darshan of Sri Andal on day 29 of Margazhi Utsavam at  srirangam.

The following are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

13th jan 15 (1) 13th jan 15 (2) 13th jan 15 (3) 13th jan 15 (4) 13th jan 15 (5) 13th jan 15 (9) 13th jan 15 (10)

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