Kainkaryam Appeal Of 7 Thirunangur Temples For 11 Garuda Sevai

Thirumangai azhwarI invite your esteemed presence along with your family to participate in 11 garudaseva festival which is to be held from 20.12.2015 to 22.01.2015 at thirunangoor the resplendent gem among the divya desams  of chola domain.  To mark the work of Sri Thirumangai azhwar, the idol is taken in procession to all the divya desams of thirunangoor to sing 10 pasurams of each temple(devotional songs) recited by himself with his presence.  The unique of the festival is all the 11 emperumans are giving darshan in garudavahanam, Sri Thirumangai azhwar in hamsavahana lead by Sri Manavala Mamunigal in seshavahanam in one row through the streets of thirunangur which cannot be seen anywhere. Please note that a committee is functioning to meet out the festival expenses.but however the following expenses are not covered by the committee for which we have to incur, we seek your financial assistance for our 7 temples for conduction of the above festival.
1. Deepa oil for  3 days                                                             Rs.6,000/-
2. Garlands during azhwar visit for mangalasasanam         Rs.5,000/-
3. Garlands for moolavar perumal,azhwars,acharyas           Rs.10,000/-
4. Pooja articles(camphor, thread,theertha parimalam)       Rs.  3,000/-
5. Tube light sets in front of the temple                                 Rs.5,000/-
6. To clean the grass in around the temple premises          Rs.6,000/-
7. To collect the garudavahanams from our 7 temples
     and shift to main mandap                                                   Rs.15,000/-
 I request you to select any one of the above item either in part or in full and may sent your donation in the name of the T.V.V.S.S.K.TRUST , and mail to 4/83-A, Sri.Purushothama Perumal Koil Street, Nangoor, Sirkali-Tk. You may transfer the funds to trust
1. SB A/C No.608801152764, ICICI, Bank, Mailaduthurai Branch, Code No.6088, IFSC Code no.ICIC0006088 
2. SB A/c No.6027064799, Indian Bank, Thenapthi Branch Code No.S108, IFSC Code No: IDIB000S108.
Please inform Secretraty well in advance about your desire to participate so that i will make necessary arrangements for your stay and food. For Any clarification on this please contact : A.Purushothaman ,Secretary & Treasurer e.mail id: p_chari_in@yahoo.com .
The schedule of events is given in patrikai :
Thirunangur 11 Garuda Sevai Appeal -1 Thirunangur 11 Garuda Sevai Appeal -2 Thirunangur 11 Garuda Sevai Appeal -3
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  1. Nilambit varsha utsavam

    Thirunangoor 11 Garuda Seva Festival to be held from 4.2.2019 to 6.2.2019. Patrika already been sent
    Please make necessary changes in your system

    Adiyen dasan

    A. Purushothaman
    E. Mail



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