Pune Sri Balaji Mandir Jaya Varusha Rathasapthami Utsava Patrikai


Pune sri Balaji mandirRatha Saptami  is a Hindu festival that falls on the seventh day (Saptami) in the bright half (Shukla Paksha) of the Hindu month Maagha. It marks the seventh day following the Sun’s northerly movement (Uttarayana).  It is symbolically represented in the form of the Sun God Surya turning his Ratha (Chariot) drawn by seven horses (representing seven colours) towards the northern hemisphere, in a north-easterly direction.  Ratha Saptami is symbolic of the change of season to spring and the start of the harvesting season.

On Ratha saptami a one-day Brahmotsavam is held in Tirumala. On this day, the presiding deity of Lord Malayappa Swamy along with His divine consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi are taken to a procession in Thiru Mada streets in Tirumala. The deities carried out in a jubilant procession around the Thiru mada streets encircling the holy Shrine of Balaji on seven different vahanams(sapthami=seven) .Due to this reason the day of RathaSaptami is called as “Mini-Brahmotsavam” in Tirumala. The day starts with Surya prabha vahanam at early morning followed by Sesha, Garuda, Hanumantha, Kalpavriksha, sarvabhoopala vahanams respectively. The day is ended with the Chandra prabha vahanam.

 At the Sri Ahobila Mutt’s Sri Balaji Mandir, Pashan Pune, Ratha Saptami is celebrated in a very grand manner.  Lord Sri Balaji along with His Consorts are taken on procession within the temple in fourteen different Vahanams (Vehicles) starting with Surya Prabha in the morning.  The celebrations end with the procession on the Golden Mandap in the evening. 

The schedule of the event is attached herewith.  Devotees may come in large numbers to seek blessings of Lord Sri Balaji and participate in this grand utsavam.  You may contact the temple office for more details and for making donations/contributions for the utsavam.

 Devotees desiring to contribute may do so by cash, kind or cheque and collect receipts for the same.  You can also make online transfers.  Bank details are provided below.

Name of the Beneficiary:  Sri Ahobila Mutt’s Sri Balaji Mandir
Bank:                        Bank of Maharastra
Account Number:     20099975155
Account Type:          Savings Bank Account
Branch:                    Pashan, Pune 411021
MICR Code:             411014103
IFSC Code:              MAHB0001384
The Schedule of the events is given in the patrikai
Rata Saptami Utsavam 2015

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