Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 24


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Adambakkam AndalAakinchinyam is an angam of saranagathi and Andal deals with it in the 28th   pasuram starting” Karaivagal pinsenru.” 12/1/2015 was the day of karaivagal and at Tirukudanthai Andavam Manimandapam Ubha. Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami ‘s discourse on “Tiruppavai and Tirunedunthandakam” started on this note. Akinchinyam is a mukhya angam (important requirement) of saranagathi. We are not capable of doing bhakthi yogam. Stand in the place of bhakthi yogam and take us to moksham is the prayer of a saranagathan. Swami Desikan explains this in an interesting manner. A short man passes through a fruit  tree filled with ripe fruits.  He desires to eat the  fruits but they are not at his reach. He sees a tall man nearby and asks him to pluck the fruits for him and derives the satisfaction of eating the sweet fruit. This is what a saranagathan does. Though he is incapable of doing karma yogam, gnana yogam or bhakthi yogam , he surrenders at the Feet of Perumal and gets moksham.

Andal illustrates this beautifully in karaivagal pasuram: Krishna asks the gopis that they have got all they asked for that is conches ornaments, clothes yet they seem to want something more. Yes they say “We want You”.

Have you done yagyams or practiced Bhakthi yogam?

No we just went behind the cattle to graze them.

So you practised swadharmam.

No we did nothing of that sort.

Did you take the cattle to holy hills like Tirumalai or Ahobilam or Naimisharanya

No, we just went where there was plenty of grass.

Ok then can you be counted as doing vanaprastham.

No we ate our packed lunch whenever we felt hungry.

Shall Iwait till you do karma yogam, or gnana yogam or bhakthi yogam.?

We are unlettered gopis( cowherdesses), but we have a Big qualification.

What is that asks Krishna?

We have the punyam of having You being born in our kulam (family).Punyaanam  Punyam is  Krishna(He is Punyam Personified). They have moved closely with Him and treated Him as a friend, a master and every relation possible. The sambandham between Paramatma and jeevatma is eternal . It is an unbreakable bond. We are ignorant youngsters who have called You familiar names without knowing that You are The Blemishless Govinda. More than the names of Narayana and Kesava He likes to be called Govinda. The expression of the inability  to do anything Akinchinyam is the theme of Karavaigal.

Swami then took us to Tirukovalur with Tirumangai azhwar as he analysed in detail the 6th and 7th pasuram of Tirumangai azhwar’s Tirunedunthandakam. Tirukovalur has been sung by Tirumangaiazhwar elaborately in Periya Tirumozhi yet he sings again in Tirunedunthandakam.  Trivikrama is Paradevan says Kaliyan. He is the One who held aloft the Govardhana mountain on His little finger. He gives material gain if we ask for them but also gives us the vairagya gunam so that we do not seek them again. He is “Alam” (partial) to those who  are Anukulas ( love Him) and “salam”(angry) with those who are Prathikulas ( against Him). Arjuna sought and got Him, Duryodhana  asked and got His huge army which could be equated  to a huge haystack( no substance).

In the 7th pasuram Parasuramavatharam and Ramavatharam are talked about. Azhwar says the Paratatvam which took the Matsya, Kurma, Parasuramavatharams resides at Tirukovalur. Parasurama attacked kshatriyas in plenty . Tirukovalur is Krishna’s divyadesam .Mathura where He took avatharam in Dwapara yugam, was associated with Him in Krutha yugam when Vamana avatharam happened. In Tretha yugam it was called siddhashrama . Krishna showed His paratvam from birth yet He moved closely with the gopas –gopis.Vishvaroopam was revealed to Arjuna who needed divya chakhus( divine eyes) to see the form. Vishvaroopam revealed that the entire cosmos was His shariram .On seeing this Form Arjuna regrets having called Him as Krishna, as Yadava and Sakha (friend).

Tirumangaiazhwar says Durga devi resides in Tirukovalur and takes bhakthas to Krishna. She guards the kshetram  and like Shiva chanting Rama nama into the ears of each soul that dies in Kashi, Durga leads devotees to Krishna to take saranagathi. She is Krishna’s Mayaa and has gnanam. She is a pathivratha. A devotee who worships Perumal alone is a pathivratha. Durga knows that Krishna is Paratatvam. She sends those desiring moksham to Him. In this respect she is like an  acharyan.

Parasurama’s valour is spoken of in this 7th pasuram .He is described as handsome with sharp features and strong shoulders. The One who conquered kshatriyas with His Parasu (plough) is residing in Tirukovalur.

SriRama   who ruled for 11000 years in the path of dharma making His subjects happy and content is residing in Tirukovalur.

Tirumangaiazhwar then narrates the Usha-Aniruddha episode Banasura Usha’s father took up a fight with Krishna. Being a Shiva bhaktha Subramaniam the devasenapathi comes to help him. At one time mountains had wings and this caused destruction so Indra cut off their wings. Some mountains hid in the sea and Subramanian cut off their wings with his vel (spear). Subramanian is handsome like Manmatha but   Perumal is sakshath Manmatha   Manmatha:.That Krishna who defeated Banasura and his army is residing in Tirukovalur. He is the Cause of all causes .The veethis (streets) of Tirukovalur are broad, the water of the river Pennar emanates the perfume of Perumal and is filled with lotus. So Tirumangaiazhwar asks his mind to go to such a place like Tirukovalur

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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