The Tamil Month Of Thai


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Thai Masam

The Tamil month of Thai falls between 15th January and 14th February. Thai pirandal vazhi pirakkum goes the Tamil adage. It starts with Uttharayanam and is a month when marriages take place in plenty. The following are the dates to note:

15th January- Uttharayana punyakalam

16th January- sarva ekadashi- kanu parivettai 1st Thai vellikizhamai

20th January-Sarva Thai amavasya- Tirunakshatram of 42nd Srimadh Azhagiasingar (Injimedu Azhagiasingar)

21st January-Sravana vratham

23rd January-2nd Thai vellikizhamai

24th January- Vasantha panchami

26th January- Ratha sapthami

27th Bheesma ekadashi, 3rd Thai vellikizhamai

1st February- 38th Srimadh Azhagiasingar’s Tirunakshatram

3rd February-Pournami-Thai Poosam

5th February- Tirumazhisai azhwar Tirunakshatram

6th February-4th Thai vellikizhamai

8th February-Koorathazhwan Tirunakshatram

11th February-Tirunakshatram of Utthamur swami

13th February- Masi month begins

Srirangam Bhupathi Thirunal is between 25.01.2015- 04.02.2015.

Thai Ther is on 02.02.2015.

Writeup By :  Smt  Vyjayanthi Sundararajan

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