Kanchi Sri Devarajaswami Temple Jaya Varusha Thai Ammavasi Purappadu


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Kanchi Sri Devaperumal Ammavasai PurappaduOn,20 January 2015, Jaya Varusha Thai Uthiradam; Being Ammavasai, Perumal Purappadu take place  at  Sri  Devarajaswami  Temple, Kanchipuram. In the evening,  Thiruveedhi purappadu  for Sri Devaperumal with his consort  took place in grand manner at sannadhi streets of  Kanchipuram. Later Asthanam at  Kovil mandapam, where lot of devotees had beautiful darshan of Sri Perarulalan. Lot of astikas took part in thiruveedhi purappadu and received  the blessings of  Divyadampatis.

These are some of the photos taken during the Purappadu…

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Photography : Sri Elangadu Ranganathan Chakravarthy

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