Pondicherry Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Sannadhi Kanu Purappadu


Pondicherry Sri Navaneetha Krishnan Sannadhi Kanu PurappaduOn, 16  January 2015,  Jaya Varusha Thai Anusham , Kanu Utsavam took place in grand manner at  Sri  Navaneetha Krishnan Sannadhi,Pondicherry. On this occasion, In the morning thurmanjanam was conducted for Sri Andal and Sri Rajagopalan beside Thirukulam  and asthanam .In the evening Perumal Purappadu took place in grand manner. Lot of sevarthies took part in the Kanu  adu Utsavam and had the blessings of Divya dampatis.​

The following are some of the photos taken during the occasion…

10388192_782935435110927_1844079814689474108_n 10389604_782935445110926_9054255030756163216_n (1)  10906020_782935415110929_16185514206429973_n10389604_782935445110926_9054255030756163216_n 10926418_782935431777594_5635844208388239916_n 10928854_782935395110931_2715801084915467404_n

Photography : Smt Deepa Vendane


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