Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 28



Tirunedunthandakam-Pasuram-8 and 9

Having completed Tiruppavai pasurams, from 17/01/2015 Ubha Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavacharirar swami took up Tirunedunthandakam pasurams at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam.

Tirumangaiazhwar and other azhwars are nityasuris who pour out their bhaghavathanubhavams (divine experiences)   in their pasurams. Tirumangai azhwar’s engagement with archa (divya mangalamurthi in temples) is unique. Tirumangaiazhwar’s  mind keeps wandering to the divyadesams he has visited. It keeps visiting and re-visiting them. Residing in a divyadesam is a blessing but when Ramanuja says “ Srirange sukhamasva” it refers not to to Srirangam alone but to the entire prapancham  (creation). The entire universe is a stage and all of us take deva (celestial), manushya (human) ,tiryak (birds and animals) or sthavara (trees and plants) shariram according to our karma. We who have got manushya shariram have to spend our time in doing archanubhavam and doing kalakshepams.

In Pasuram-8 Kanchi divyadesams are talked about but while enjoying them Tirumangaiazhwar’s mind travels to Tirumalai and Tiruper nagar.  Tiruvehka is a divyadesam in Kanchi associated with Brahma and Saraswathi. According to sthalapuranam Brahma wanted to perform a Asvamedha  yagyam in Kanchi but Saraswathi who had a misunderstanding with him was away from him so he did sankalpam with his other wife.This made Sarasvathi angry and she  came gushing as a fast flowing river Vegavathi to innundate the yagya site (sacrificial place)At Brahma’s prayer Vishnu became a dam (setu) across the Vega and helped Brahma complete the yagyam. Tiruvehka is about one mile west of Varadaraja temple. Because Perumal did what Brahma told Him He came to be called “Sonnavannam Seyda Perumal”  Tirukundanthai Aravamudhan also qualifies for this title as He got up on Tirumazhisai piran’s asking. This same azhwar is associated with Tiruvehka Perumal. The Pallava ruler of Kanchi was enraged with the refusal of one” Kanni Kannan” disciple of Tirumangaiazhwar   to sing about him. Kanni Kannan decided to leave the town, Alvar also decided to go along with his disciple. Alvar asked  Perumal to roll up His serpent bed and go with them. All three left Tiruvehka. The kingdom suffered , the king realized his mistake sought forgiveness from Kanni kannan and called him back. Kanni kannan came back followed by Tirumazhisai azhwar and Perumal. Perumal manifested His saulabhyam (easy accessibility). Swami at this point refered to “Tataka vadham” incident of  Srimadh Ramayana . Vishvamitra tells Rama to kill Tataka .” Do not hesitate to kill her thinking she is a woman.” Avathara rahasyam is to put an end to agnanam (ignorance0 and Tataka is personification of ignorance like Pootana. Rama obeys Vishvamitra as His kulaguru Vashista had advised when He and Lakshmana were leaving for the forest with Vishvamitra. Moreover it was Vishvamitra who had taught Rama and Lakshmana the mantras-Bala and Athibala so he was their acharya.

From Tiruvehka Tirumangaiazhwar’s mind travels to the Lord residing in everyone’s heart. Swami Desikan says the Lord residing in the middle of Srirangam lives in his heart too (Sri Bhaghavadh dhyana sopanam).Tirumangai azhwar addresses Him as “kalva” (The One who robs our heart.) Hanuman says by revealing the beauty of His eyes SriRama captures our hearts. A vanara who jumps from branch to branch is able to enjoy the beauty of His eyes.Rama is “sarvasatva manohara.”Ranganatha attracts everyone . During Ranganatha’s Adi Brahmotsavam Brahma and all gods visit Srirangam in some form or other.

The river Kaveri is as attractive and inviting. A dip makes one long to bathe again and on her banks lie Tirupernagar which Tirumangaiazhwar visits mentally. Known as Koviladi and Appakudathan it was Tiruper Perumal who was responsible for the birth of 6000 padi commentary of Thiruvaymozhi.

The 9th pasuram begins with “Vangatthaal” Tirumangaiazhwar says “You reside as archamurthis in various temples and divyadesams”. Azhwar wants to see Him in all kshetrams not once but again and again.and also visit those kshetrams which he has not yet visited.For some devotees Ranganatha is everything, for some it is Deva Perumal for others it is Devanathan. Tirumangaiazhwar thirst for divyadesams is not satisfied. While having darshan of a particular divyadesam his mind travels to other divyadesams. He has darshanam of Pachaivannan and Pavazhavannan and longs to see Perumal reclining in Ksheerabhdhi. Tirumangaiazhwar calls himself as poor and as one having nothing to offer Perumal. Material   possessions does not make a person wealthy. One who understands “Sarveshvara Tatvam” is rich. We have a voice to chant His names and Narayana is the shabdham to know, yet people don’t chant His name. Ashtakashara mantrajapam confers everything.

The first line of 9th pasuram talks about Tirukadalmallai where the sea washes different gems on the shore. The gems pile up as they wish to adorn the Tirumeni of Sthalasayana Perumal .(This is NamAndavan swami’s anubhavam).

Tirumangaiazhwar talks of how Shiva occupies the right side of Perumal. Shiva’s left side is given to his consort Parvathi. Parvathi devi has connection with the Himalayas as she is the daughter of “Himavan” She has all strilakshanams (womanly virtues) . The cool hill-peak refered to in the pasuram could refer to Hasthigiri . Before seeing Deva Perumal we have darshan of Sri Nrisimha who takes thousand hands to hug His devotees. His kataksham is cool .As Tirumangaimannan has darshan of Perumal on a hill his mind travels to all the divyamangalamurthis housed on hill-tops like Tothadrinathan. Azhwar asks Perumal”Where are You? Icannot see You.” His state is like that of Dasaratha who on seeing Rama leave for the forest fails to realize what is happening around him. His eyes follow Rama only. and cannot understand who is around him. His senses go numb and he asks Kausalya to touch him and find out if his sense of touch is active. Tirumangaiazhwar’s thirst for Perumal is such and he longs to see Him. He calls out to Him and cries and craves for His darshan.

Tirunedunthandakam-Pasuram-8 and 9

Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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