Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 29


Srirangam Thirumangai Azhwar


After Tirukovilur Tirumangaiazhwar visits Kanchi divyadesams besides travelling to many other divyadesams through the thinking process.18/2/2015 at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Ubha Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami took up the 10th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam and analysed it word by word. While reading the pasuram everything sounded difficult but as swami explained the meaning unfolded beautifully.

Tirumangaiazhwar travels to Kerala divya desams which are 13 in number. Known as Malai Nadu Tirupathis   10 Perumals are in ninra tirukolam (standing posture) The names mentioned in Azhwar pasurams are not familiar with the locals. Tirumoozhikalam is better known as Lakshmana koil. In this pasuram the five forms –para, vyuha, vibhava, antaryami and archa are spoken of. Para refers to the form in SriVaikuntam, vyuha is the form in Ksheerabdhi (ocean of milk), vibhava refer to the numerous avatharas taken by the Lord , antaryami swaroopam is the thumb sized form residing within each of us and archa to the divyamangala vigrahams in temples. While Para and vyuha can be seen only on attaining moksham, vibhava is also not visible to us as it happened at different times and yugams. Antaryami swaroopam can be seen   only through yogabhyasam. Archa alone is accessible to everyone. Some archa Tirumenis are swayamvyaktham (self manifest), others have had prathistai (installed) by gods, rishis or humans. Every archamurthi has the qualities of para and vyuha Perumals. “Ponnaanai” (golden form) refers to para and vyhuha forms and “pinnanar vanangum jyothi” refers to archaswarupams. For Nammazhwar Krishna was everything, for Tirumangaiazhwar archanubhavam was everything. Being an amsam of Perumal’s Sarngam( Perumal’s bow) which serves as a weapon and an ornament Tirumangaiazhwar had direct anubhavam of Perumal and saw the same paratvam in archai.

Sriman Narayana is the rakshakan (protector) of all lokams (7 upper worlds and 7 nether worlds). All siddhanthams that is mantra siddhanthams, tantra siddhanthams and mantra-tantra siddhanthams agree that Lakshmi Narayana do rakshanam (protection). Rakshanam is removing agnanam (ignorance) and   fostering gnanam. This Perumal does through acharyas and when He says “Mam ekam sharanam vraja ”(take shelter at My Feet) He asks us to seek  gnanis like Bheesma. If we surrender then we can live a life sans fear.  Perumal’s Tirumeni is shuddha satvam in all five forms. He is swami (master) not only in Paramapadam but also of   the entire prapancham (creation).This sarvarakshanatvam is there in all forms. Tirumangaiazhwar looks in four directions and sees Him. He sees Him in all the divya desams located in the north, in the south, in the east and in the west. Tirumangaiazhwar asks Perumal “How can I enjoy You?”  Para, vyhuha, antaryami, vibhava and archaroopas are there. Perumal’s gait is like an elephant’s walk. Periazhwar says Krishna’s gait resembled that of a chained elephant. His greatness is spoken of in sastras, Upanishads etc yet like an elephant we do not obey Him. We do not live according to shruthi/ smrithi. Sometimes an elephant refuses to eat its favourite food offered by its mahout, likewise we do not go and have His darshan due to laziness. Swami Desikan in “Daya sathakam (slokam99) says” O Daya capture and bind me with chains of Your blessings though I behave like an elephant in rut.”  When we are in a fit of anger we speak harsh words and hurt others. Like an elephant who rolls on the mud and dirties its body immediately after being given a clean bath by its keeper, we keep doing papams again and again.  Perumal gives us shiksha (punishments)   yet we do not reform. We are haughty and un-cooperative.

Swami then told how to worship Perumal. We have to do aradhana (worship) to archa murthis  with fear and love. He should be treated like a young prince ( due respect should be given), He should be treated like an elephant (carefully) and like a preferred guest ( lovingly) .

Perumal too is like an elephant in certain aspects- We never get satisfied with Perumal darshanam. He is “Aparyapthamrudhan.” An elephant is always pleasing to look at and everyone from a child to the old gets excited on seeing an elephant. An elephant is a proud animal, Perumal is proud of saranagathas and assures that they will not do wrongs which cannot be redeemed by prayaschitham. An elephant bends down and carries its rider. Perumal stoops down to any level for His bhaktha-He goes as a messenger, He drives a chariot and obeys instructions. He rushes to help a saranagathan before trouble comes to him. The Kerala divyadesams are closely connected with the five pandavas who were special to Krishna. Tirumoozhikalam is the foremost among Kerala divyadesams and a prappanan should spend his days on earth in archanubhavam.

Writeup & video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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