Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 32


Thirukudanthai Thirumangai Azhwar Tirunedunthandakam-Pasurams-12 and 13

On 21/1/2015 at  Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Ubha. Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami continued with Pasuram-12 of Tirunedunthandakam and then proceeded to the next pasuram-13.Parakala Nayaki (Tirumangai azhwar) is undergoing the pains of Parankusa nayaki(Nammazhwar) The girl’s mother is explaining the condition of her daughter to one of her friends.” What papam (sins) did I do to see my daughter suffer thus” she laments. The kattuvicchi she called for help is not able to relieve her suffering. This condition has been caused by Ranganathan. Smitten by Him the girl stands dazed, takes huge breaths doesn’t eat or sleep, gets worn-out and falls  and is not conscious of what is happening around her. The mother is unable to control her girl who suddenly runs, suddenly cries, dances and sings. She is crazy about Ranganathan and follows Him runs after Him and worships Him from Feet to crown  .Even as azhwar has Ranganathanubhavam his thoughts take him to his native place Tiruvali-Tirunagari  filled with green fields and sweet smelling flowers of different hues. He remembers Vayalali Manavalan giving darshan seated on Garudan   and offers his prostrations to both Garuda and Perumal.

Swami then recited the next pasuram(Pasuram-13)  joined by his shishyas assembled in the mandapam and went on to unravel its meaning. Archa and Vibhavam alternate in this pasuram. Trivikrama and Krishnavathara are the vibhavatharams and two Kanchi divyadesams(Ooragam and Tiruvehka)  are taken up. In the previous pasuram the nayaki asks her friend to accompany her to Srirangam to sing and dance. Parakala nayaki who is in experiencing the condition of Parankusa nayaki has become so weak that  she is not able to talk loudly. She calls her pet parrot close to her and teaches the parrot .The parrot repeats verbatim what is taught and is sent as a messenger to Perumal. After learning what is taught the parrot is made to repeat what was taught. The parrot then reaches Perumal to tell Him about the state of Parakala nayaki. Swami at this point explained how a shishyan   should learn from an acharyan . Like the parrot a sath shishyan grasps and repeats what his teacher teaches him. Swami recalled how his acharyan Tirukudanthai Andavan swami would teach the exact way to conduct an upanyasam. Swami after sandhya vandanam on the banks of Kaveri (Kollidam), would learn and practice what his acharyan had written . Unknown to swami his acharyan would be listening from a distance. This parakala nayaki behaved similarly making her parrot learn and repeat before proceeding to convey her message to Perumal. Sing His praises and let him know about my condition says Parakala nayaki.

He is the One who protected the gopa-gopis and cows of Vrindavan by holding the Govardhana  mountain as an umbrella. He could have protected with His mere hands but He wanted to show that Govardhana who was worshipped by the citizens of Vrindavan would protect them. He showed that He was master to Indra. And this Krishna is the One residing in Ooragam (Kanchi) in Ulagalantha Perumal koil so that those who could not witness His Trivikramavatharam could enjoy the form in Kanchi full of flower gardens As Trivikrama He showed that Vishnu is Paratvam.

That He is above Shiva He showed in Ramavatharam when He broke the mighty Shiva dhanush (the bow of Shiva). Janaka maharaja on seeing the princes of Ayodhya on either side of Vishvamitra was  fascinated by their looks and demeanour. He asks Vishvamitra about them and tells them about the Shiva dhanush and how the one who handled it would gert to marry his daughter  Seetha. Vishvamitra asks Rama to have a look at the bow (vatsa Rama dhanur pashya). SriRama not only lifts  the bow but breaks it into two revealing that He is swami to even Shiva. Swami at this point explained how Rama obeyed three people. As instructed by His father He obeyed Vishvamitra , He pleased  Janaka maharaja  by breaking the bow and Dasaratha His father by doing Pani-grahanam (holding Seetha’s hands) only after getting his.approval So Rama qualifies as “Yatokthakari”. Tiruvehka divyadesam is talked about by Tirumangaiazhwar   and he says that The One lying down in Tiruvehka is none other than SriRama. Perhaps as Seetha -Rama, Perumal/Piratti wanted to show Saraswathi by example how important it is for dampathis to stay together.

The next episode taken up is Kamsa’s dhanur-yagam. Kamsa organized a wrestling match between Mushtika , Chanura and Krishna, Balarama. The women in the audience fainted and said that the match between the giants and the young princes was not fair .Even as the comments were on Krishna and Balarama finished off Kamsa, Chanura and  Mushtika. Recalling all these incidents Parakala nayaki teaches these to her pet parrot, gets it to repeat the same before sending the parrot as her messenger to Perumal.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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