Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 33


Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunangur Garuda Sevai

Tirunedunthandakam-Pasuram-13 and 14

Azhwar’s archanubhavam does not reach satiety. He longs for more and more. At Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami after completing Pasuram-13 moved on to Pasuram-14. Parakalanayaki’s mother who is worried about her daughter’s condition tells her friend about her daughter’s behaviour and her worries. She is so obsessed with Perumal that she keeps talking only about ksheerabdhi, antaryami, vibhava and archa tirumenis of Perumal. Every year the vrajavasis used to do puja to Indra by making several offerings. Krishna advised them to make their offerings to Govardhana and the gopa-gopis listen to Krishna. He asks them to close their eyes and He   eats all the offerings revealing that He is the bhoktha (recipient) of all havir bhaghams (offerings).He is the bestower of phalams (results)  sometimes directly and sometimes through devathantharams (gods). The question arises as to how Perumal could use a hill to protect so many gopa-gopis and their cattle. Actually He can protect by mere sankalpam but inorder to reveal that the object of worship will yield results Govardhana is used as an umbrella. The killing of Kesi (asuran) and the mighty wrestlers Mushtika and Chanura was a demonstration of Perumal’s Paratatvam. Swami while explaining “ sol edduthu thun killi” said that while going to see acharyan one should go in swaroopam  (married men and women should go in panchakacham , 12 urdhva pundram and madisar) ,should take some fruits or flowers as offering and should talk carefully and respectfully covering the mouth with the palm. It is essential to acknowledge that our gnanam has been imparted by our guru.

Swami the took up the next pasuram-14 beginning “mulai kadhirai”…….After visiting Tirukovalur and mukthi- fostering Kanchi .He travels  back and forth to several divya desams. Parakala nayaki talks about these divyadesams to her parrot. Para, Vyuham, vibhavam, antaryami and archa   are all talked about and the parrot knows them by-heart and prompts when Parakalanayaki forgets a word or line. This makes parakala nayaki happy like a guru is happy to be prompted by his shishyan. Parakala nayaki’s mother tells her friend of the happiness her daughter gets on hearing her parrot repeat what is taught. Tirukurungudi Nambi is talked about as blemishless and filled with endless kalyanagunams. It is difficult to forget His divya mangala swaroopam as He is the highest tatvam and we adopt the highest upayam namely saranagathi. At daybreak seeds are planted ,and they sprout gradually. The heat of the sun is pleasant at dawn and not scorching like the afternoon sun. Perumal’s darshan is soothing like the sun’s heat in the early morning hours. He it is that resides in surya mandalam and Tirukurungudi. Parakala nayaki’s parrot talks of this Perumal .  Prior to shristi (creation) His Tirumeni is like the clouds seen above mountains. This is is the Tirumeni we see in the garbha-griham (sanctum sanctorum).He is the Lord of three lokams. Jeeva varghams are divided into three groups- Baddha jeevans ( karma bound jeevans) Muktha jeevans and Nithya suris. He is superior to all “jeevathmas” including Brahma. In Yathiraja Sapthathi swami Desikan says all the knots in the hair of Veda matha were untangled after the avatharam of Ramanuja .Because of the “tapomahimai”(tapas ) of the celestials  of the three worlds  we got Ramanuja as a Vishistadvaitha sanyasi.Swami Desikan says”upaveethinam urdhava pundravantham……..pathim yatheenam-“(slokam-12 ) Urdhva pundram,(Tiruman) yagnopaveetham( sacred thread ), Tridandam and shikai (tuft)  are worn by Yathiraja the leader of Saranagathas.

He is “Alaapariya” that is impossible to measure (Timeless). He is the Past, Present and Future. He is Limitless and is Poornanandan (immeasurable Joy). He resides in Srirangam and is Parishuddhan (Pure) and lives in the atma of parishuddhas (pure souls). A  parishuddhan is one who does not react to criticisms. He does not get angry when his faults are analysed. He resides as Deepaprakasa at Tiruthanka with Maragathavalli Thayar. It was at Tiruthanka that Swami Desikan took avatharam. The parrot pleases Parakala nayaki by talking about Tiruvehka and Yathothkari Perumal and various other divyadesams  . So happy is Parakala nayaki that she makes the parrot come close to her and folds her hands in supplication. Here the question arises if Parakalanayaki the guru (she taught the parrot) can  do pranams to the parrot(her shishya) Here swami explained how in certain circumstances a guru offered pranams to his shishya. Periya nambi was acharyan to udayavar yet he prostrated Ramanuja as he lead his shishya kotis. On seeing the huge vaishnava following he felt happy that what he taught Ramanuja had reached so many so he did pranamams. Kidambi Appular the acharya of swami Desikan on hearing him sing about Deepaprakasar  offered namskarams to his nephew and shishyan. Parakala nayaki on hearing the parrot repeat not only what she taught him but also the gunams of divyadesa Perumals which were visited and also those unvisited was overwhelmed and folded hands for she felt the parrot was her acharyan..

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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