Sama Vedam Talks and Gaanam : Part 2


Saama Veda Pandits Srirangam

An interview with Sama vedam pandit U.Ve Lakshminarasimhan swami and gaanam by Sri U.Ve Ramprasad.

U.Ve. Laksminarasimhan swami is the second son of Salakshana Sama Veda  vidvan Ubha. Ve Devanathachariar swami and Smt. Janakavalli. Swami’s parents started their life in Parakala Matham and served there for eight years. Thereafter  they  did bhiksai kainkaryam for Vennatrankarrai Andavan swami (Srimath Sreenivasa Mahadesikan.) of Poundrikapuram Ashram for eight years. During bahistai kalam mami had to stay outside the ashram and had to have Kaveri-snanam and panchakavyam on the fifth day   before doing kainkaryam again.After this they did bhikshai kainkaryam for Tirukudanthai Andavan swami. When Tirukudanthai Andavan swami started a Veda Patasala in Srirangam, Devanathachariar swami was appointed as Sama veda teacher. He had four students and he taught them   everything he knew  till they reached perfection and they are all doing well. Swami used to prepare prasadam and while the cooking was in progress he would teach vidyarthis. He also did kashaya kainkaryam for Tirukudanthai Andavan swami. Even today swami does bhikshai kainkaryam for Srimushnam Andavan swami but only   very occasionally. The dampathis also did bhiksa kainkaryam   for Paravakkotai Andavan swami for some time.

When Lakshminarasimhan  swami was seven years old his brother Mukundan swami aged 8 had their upanyanam done and had the kataksham of two yathisvaras- Vennatrankarai swami  and Tirukudanthai Srimadh Andavan swami. About a year after their upanayanam swami started learning sama vedam from his father. He would be woken up at 4.00a.m. and the lessons would begin. Repitition after repetition would be done till perfect intonation was reached. This is how Vedas are learnt and mastered. Listen to the divine notes which Krishna loves……


Writeup & Video  :  Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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