Yennai Kathirikkai


Yennai Kathirikkai - Oil Brinjal -6

Yennai Kathirikkai (Oil Fried Brinjal)


  • Small brinjals-1/2 kg
  • Curry leaves-a springs
  • Dhania(coriander-seeds) – 4 tablespoons
  • Kadalai paruppu(channa dal)-2 tablespoons
  • Ulutham Paruppu-2 tablespoons
  • Red chillies-4
  • Asafoetida-a pinch
  • Salt-to taste
  • Oil-6-8 tablespoons

Yennai Kathirikkai - Oil Brinjal -2Yennai Kathirikkai - Oil Brinjal -3Yennai Kathirikkai - Oil Brinjal -4Yennai Kathirikkai - Oil Brinjal -5

 Method :

  • Slit the brinjals lengthwise keeping the base intact and put them in a bowl of water.
  • Roast dhania seeds, Kadalaiparuppu (chana dal) ulutham paruppu (urad dal).
  • Red-chillies and asafoetida in a tablespoon of oil till the dals turn golden.
  • Cool and powder to a rava like mixture in a blender.
  • Fill in the slit brinjals.
  • Take a kadai and pour in 6-8 tablespoons of oil,Put in mustard and let it splatter, add curry leaves and put in the filled brinjals and let it cook on a low flame covered.
  • Stir periodically and remove when done. Alternatively we can fry the brinjal thoroughly and add the powder in the end and stir well.

This can be mixed with rice that has been cooked without getting mushy along with salt and a tempering of mustard, kadalai-paruppu, ulutham paruppu, cashew nuts, peanuts to make tasty brinjal-rice.

By adding tamarind (lemon sized) extract to the yennai kattrikai and boiling for a few minutes we can get delicious yennai kathirikkai kuzhambu. 

Courtesy : Smt Vyjayanthi  Sundararajan

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  1. Namaskaram mami
    I tried yr paruppu urundai came out well.
    Could u please tell which veggies can offer to perumal.
    It’s a humble request to you mami.
    Thank you

    • Tnank you Geetha. Vegetables like lady-finger(okra), brinjals(no white brinjals)and even regular brinjals to be avoided on ekadashi/dwadashi and amavasya, plantain, banana flower,stem, beans, avarakkai, kothorangai, sweet-potatoes,yam(sena kizhangu), colocossia(sepenkizhangu), greens like mola keerai and menthiya keerai, white pumpkin, red pumpkin, green peas etc can definitely be used.


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