Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 37


Kaliyan Nachiyar Thirukolam 1Tirunedunthandakam Pasuram-18

31/1/2015 was the 37th day of Ubha. Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami’s upanyasam on Tirunedunthandakam .Happiness does not come by accumalating wealth or by material pleasures. Happiness comes when the three karanas-mind, speech and body are used for Bhaghavadhanubhavam .When we think about Him and   speak His glories we feel good. In the 17th pasuram of Tirunedunthandakam Parakala nayaki’s mother is discussing the condition of her daughter who is in Parankusa nayaki’s state with her friend. Does this sighing and jumping befit a kulastri (a family girl) questions the mother ?

Parakala nayaki’s song and dance get more pronounced. She travels to Tirunaraiyur divyadesam .She starts describing His roopa saundaryam ( The Beauty of His Form). She describes His nachimars, Sri, Bhu and Neela  Devi and wishes He would love her (parakala nayaki) like He loves Them. My daughter keeps visualizing divyadesa Perumals and says she is on her way to Srirangam .Parakala nayaki is in the supreme state .Like SriRama who asks trees, rivers and hills have you seen My Seetha?” this girl keeps asking everyone the  route to Srirangam. At this juncture swami took up an interesting point of discussion. When we wait for Perumal to come to our door during purappadu and there is a delay we start imagining all sort of reasons and   spend our time in comments. But when such delays happened Bhattar would spend the time in sastraic discussions. “Whose mother was more worried Parankusa nayaki’s mother or Parakala nayaki’s mother he would ask his shishyas?  Parakala nayaki’s mother saw Kannan holding her daughter’s hand and she followed Him like a parrot. Parankusa nayaki went alone. Outwardly we should worry about Parankusa nayaki but no says Bhattar even though she was alone she was bound to find her way to her destination. Parakala nayaki was with her Nayakan and the two would not reach their destination as they would be lost in each other. So Parakala nayaki’s mother had more reason to worry.

Coming to Pasuram-18 beginning “Kaarvannam…….” Parakala nayaki describes Perumal thus: He has the hue of rain-bearing clouds, His hands, lips and eyes are lotus-like. He is extremely fond of Bhumi Piratti. Bhumi Piratti is the epitome of female virtues and beauty. He loves her dearly because She is compassion incarnate and seeks from Him a way to redeem us. The varaha charama slokam was procured by Her for us and makes Him Responsible to accept our prappathi. Beginning” Sthithe manasi”… Bhuma devi says when in a proper frame of mind and good health a human-being does saranagathi (atma-samarpanam)   ,even if he is  unconscious or like a stone when he dies He will be taken to moksham”. To reinforce this promise She incarnated as Andal and gave us Tiruppavai (Godha upanishadh). The laghu (small) upayam of saranagathi procures the biggest kingdom of Srivaikuntam for us.” Bhaavitham Srinivasasya bhaktha doshai cha adarshanam” says swami Desikan. On seeking forgiveness He forgives the biggest of aparadhams (transgressions). Parakala nayaki next goes on to describe “Periya Piratti” “Pani malar mel”- She takes avatharam on the cool lotus and Perumal is crazy over Her as She keeps on recommending souls for moksham. The mother of Parakala nayaki tells her friend ”my daughter equals Him in saundaryam ( beauty) and gunam (virtues).  Hanuman on seeing Seetha for the first time remarks  that Rama and Seetha  are tulyam( equal) in all respects  Is it enough to do our duties and wait for Him to do sankalpam of moksham? Parakala nayaki reminds us that we have steps to take. The sadhyopayam of Bhakthi yogam or prappathi yogam have to be done to ensure siddhopayam (moksham). He is “sarvaswami” He is above devathantharams and is the Foremost among the 108 divyadesamurthis. Even as she describes divyamangalamurthis and asks the way to Srirangam she goes to Tiruneermalai. Neervannan is the presiding deity there . This state of apparent confusion happens to the person who gets “Poorthi Bhaghavathanubhavam”. Bhuma vidhya says that the attainment of this state makes some sleep, some dance and some oblivious of their surroundings. “ In this condition they see nothing and hear nothing .” This is the state in which parakalanayaki is.  Her mother is lamenting that she has sinned that is why she sees her daughter’s suffering. “He has captivated my daughter by His Beautiful dark colour and lotus coloured Feet, Lips and palms. “ At this point swami explained how punyams are like papams for a prappanan. Papams are iron fetters and punyams are like golden handcuffs .A prappanan leaves his punyams to his sukruths (well-wishers) and papams to his virodhis(foes). So   in this context papam can take to mean “bhaaghyam” (good fortune).

Writeup & Video  : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan


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