Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 38


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Kaliyan Thiruvallikeni 2

Tirunedunthandakam- Pasuram 18 and 19

On 1/2/2015  , Ubha Ve. Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami took up pasurams-18 and 19 for analysis at Tirukudanthai Andavan Mani Mandapam Srirangam. These are Thayar pasurams wherein the mother of Parakala nayaki in the state of parankusa nayaki tells her friend about the pangs of suffering  her daughter is undergoing because of her separation from Perumal. Parakala nayaki is endowed with the feminine qualities of beauty and softness, virtuousness   accompanied by  inherent shyness. She is equally matched to her “Nayakan” –Perumal. Our Srivaishnava siddhantham is potrayed in this relationship. Perumal is our Husband and we jeevatmas are all women. Kamam (desire) is towards Him and goes by the name Bhakthi.” My daughter dwells in archa vyuha, vibhava and antaryami forms of Perumal. She sees all these forms in archa. Archaswaroopam is not seen as just a vigraham. He is Real to her.” says the mother of Parakala nayaki to her friend. Inspite of her stopping she proceeds to Srirangam asking the route. After asking the way to Srirangam she goes to Tiruneermalai . Swami explained her state with a day to day example. When our friends tell us that they are going to a divyadesam we ask them to remember us while seviching (offering prostrating) Perumal. We bring in our home hundi collection and ask them to offer it in Perumal’s hundi in Tirupathi. We mentally travel with them to the divyadesam. Parakala nayaki is in such a state. Her longing for Perumal is such that she is nervous. Nampillai explains that after losing something in a river during a bath Parakala nayaki goes searching for it in the lake. Her thoughts wander here and there and she doesn’t remember where she kept things. Swami explained this with a nice example- A guru prepares his shishyan for an upanyasam   for half an hour but at the venue the shishyan gets just ten minutes. Imagine his predicament .This was the state of Parakala nayaki. Swami also recollected how he was coached by his acharyan Tirukundanthai Andavan  and how he learnt and delivered the upanyasam in the midst of reputed scholars. When some of the vidvans saw Andavan swami later on and appreciated the upanyasam Andavan swami’s joy knew no bounds.

Coming back to Pasuram-18 , swami said Perumal listens totally to Bhumi Pirrati and does not forsake devotees. During Panguni Uthiram serthi Bhaghavadh Ramanuja asked for the bhaghavathanubhavam of a bhakthiyoganishtan. Bhajana sukham, dhyana sukham are vipulam (big). The   experience of Perumal for a bhakyhi yoga nishtan surpasses that of a prappathi yoga nishtan while on earth. Mokshaprapthi however is faster for a prappathi yoga nishtan. Bhaghavadh Ramanuja does prappathi at the feet of Periya Piratti and Periya Perumal and asks for the anandam(joy) of a bhakthi yoga nishtan while on earth. Periya Piratti says-“ Asthu The!” (So be it)

Perumal will grant everything Piratti asks for. That is why we first surrender at Her Feet. Sri, Bhumi, Neela, Daya and Padhuka Devi take us to Him. Periya Piratti took avatharam in a lotus and Perumal is enamoured by Her. When such is the case” why does your daughter seek Him asks the friend of Parakala nayaki’s mother?” The mother of parakala nayaki says “ my daughter is not inferior in any way”. No one can equal her in Ranganatha bhakthi. At this juncture swami said just as it is a brahmana’s duty to go on a pilgrimage to Gaya and offer pindas to his ancestors it is the duty of every brahmana  to do kalakshepam of Swami Desikan’s “Srimadh Rahasyatrayasaram”. It is true that Perumal is very fond of Periya Piratti who is eternally young , is nityam (immortal) and nitya agnyatha nigrahai  (who does not know how to punish).She accompanies Him  during every avatharam and resides permanently on His chest. She is Vibhu. When such is the case Parakala nayaki  still desires Him. Is this right? Bhaghavadhanubhavam is not an exclusive enjoyment. Every jeevatma can desire to attain Him. He is Purushottaman. Parakalanayaki has attained moksha dashai  ( the state attained by a saranagathan in Srivaikuntam) on earth itself. In paramapadam nityasuris and mukthatmas enjoy the same aanandam (bliss). Perumal has the same preethi(love) towards the saranagathan as He has for Pirrati. When the mother of Parakalanayaki says that her daughter is like Thayar she is doing so out of satwika ahamkaram. Like we are not going against srivaishnava principles   when me say”my acharya is the greatest!” Likewise we can feel proud of having done prappathianushtanam. Swami Desikan at the completion of  Padhuka Sahasram”says that his janma(birth) has attained saphalyam (fulfilment) .In this manner when Parakalanayaki’s mother proudly declares that her daughter is no less than “Piratti” she is exhibiting satvika ahamkaram. Jeevatmas have the right to enjoy “Perumal/Piratti” and we have to claim our property that is endless kainkaryam(continuous service) at their Feet.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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