Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 39


Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunagari

Tirunedunthandakam Pasuram-19

7/2/2015 was the anusandhanam of pasuram-19 of Tirunedunthandakam at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam .Ubha. Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami resumed the upanyasam after a five day gap. Parakala nayaki’s mother is talking to the mother of other azhwars about the condition of her daughter. Azhwars as nayakis experience Perumal and when He disappears they undergo ‘viraha-taapam’(pangs of separation). Parakala nayaki says her daughter is unique and is a match for Perumal in all respects.

In pasuram-19 there is a mention of a golden pond where Parakala nayaki goes for a bath. Tiruvali Tirunagari is the avatharasthalam (birthplace) of Tirumangai azhwar and how could he have travelled to Tirukudanthai to have a dip in the Hema Pushkarni. . Throughout Andal’s Tiruppavai the word ‘neeraatam’ is used but nowhere do we see a bath being taken. Neeraatam indicates ‘Bhaghavath Samshlesham (union  with God). Perumal is described as a cool saras (pond)and ‘nayaka-nayaki samagamam’ brings ‘Brahmanandam’. Parakala nayaki invites her friend to the stage of Srirangam to dance and sing. Srirangam represents all divyadesams. All the world’s a stage and we are actors with specific roles to enact. Devas(gods), manushyas(humans), tiryaks(animals)and sthavarams(trees etc)are different characters in the play and once the drama is over, the make-up is removed. For a prappanan however this is the last role to play   because he will not be born again .

Parakala nayaki’s mother says her daughter is in the pink of youth. She is like a newly blossomed flower. Her desire for Perumal is great and unparalleled. She sees Piratti on His chest and yet desires Him. If Sri occupies one side of  His chest and Kausthubham another we prappanas too have the right to occupy His chest. But because of our transgressions of His commands we lose our claims. Lakshmi resides in His chest and He resides in us as Antaryami so both He and She are antaryami . Perumal loves us as much as He does Piratti, infact even more. The mother of Parakala nayaki regrets that her daughter does not heed her words, she is calling her friend to accompany her to Srirangam, Tiruperai and Tirukudanthai. Does your daughter behave like this asks Parakala nayaki to other mothers.?

Periyavachan Pillai gives a sukshmartham (inner purport) here : ‘Mayan mozh kalathil irrupaal” are the key words. Mayan is Perumal and She resides in His handsome vakshasthalam(chest). She is Sri,Periya Piratti, Ranganayaki. She is ‘nirupaka bhuthai’ ‘She is swaroopa, roopa, guna, vibhava aishwarya, sheeladhyanavadika asankhyeya kalyanaguna srivallabhai ‘.Hers is the nityamangala vigraham. She is’ sarvavyapi.’ What is stressed in this pasuram is that both Perumal and Piratti together constitute “The Eternal Truth”. That is why Bhaghavadh Ramanuja did prappathi on Panguni Uthiram day during ‘Serthi’(together). This pasuram reveals that ‘Mithunam’ is our goal. Mithunam is the goal of Parakala nayaki too. She breathes heavily and invites her friend to Srirangam where Bhaghavadhanubhavam is continuous. So also are Tiruperai and Tirukudanthai. Potramarai kulam or Hema Pushkarni could mean the pond in Tirukudanthai from where KomalavalliThayar took avatharam or it could mean Periya Perumal’s Tirumeni. When immersed in Bhaghavathanubhavam we cannot hear anything or realize what is happening around us.Parakalanayaki cannot hear her mother as she is lost in Bhaghavathanubhavam so she does not listen to her. Her mind wanders from divyadesam to divyadesam . Parakala nayaki seeing her daughter’s madness for Perumal asks Udhaya nangai (mother of Parankusa nayaki) “does your daughter behave in this manner?” The important truth conveyed in this pasuram is that Wherever Vishnu is there Lakshmi will also be there. And wherever Lakshmi resides He will also dwell.

Writeup & Video : Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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