Thiruppavayum Thirunedunthandagamum: Day 44


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Uthiramerur Thirumangai Azhwar

Pasuram-23 (continued) Tiruvarangam  Nam oor

24/2/2015 was the continuation of pasuram-23 by Ubha.Ve Adoor Asuri Madhavachariar swami at Tirukudanthai Andavan Manimandapam Srirangam. Periya Perumal reveals His Roopa Saundaryam to Parakala nayaki in her dream. The question arises as to how real are dreams? According to Ramanuja siddhantham dreams are real . We experience different states-jaagruth (wakefulness), jaagruth swapnavastha (sleepy, dreamy state) and sushupthi avastha(deep sleep) According to Bhaghavadh Ramanuja dreams are real when we experience them. A dream is not a lie and when we dream we experience happiness, sadness, fear etc. Ramanuja accepts all shruthi vakhyams as true . He connects the contradictory statements of Bheda and Abheda shrutis by ghataka shruthis  thereby giving a logical explanation. When we accept His swamithvam (He is The Supreme) and that we are His shariram(body) and that He is The Niyamakan(The Commander) then Shruthi vakhyams become clear. Talking about dreams Periya Perumal manifested in Aalavandar’s dream and he saw the Punyakoti vimanam inside the Pranavakara vimanam  when he wanted to know who would  succeed him. So he proceeded to Kanchipuram saw Ramanuja in Yadavaprakasa’s group. Similarly Bashyakar was asked to come to Srirangam in his dream. Anathasuri and Totharamba dreamt about Desikavatharam. Adhivan Sathakopan swami was commanded by Ahobila Nrisimhan to come to Ahobilam and take sanyasam. According to our Siddhantham dreams are satyam (true).So when her Apoorva nayakan (unique hero) stands before Parakala nayaki she is tongue-tied.

Periya Perumal talks to Parakala nayaki in her dream and invites her to Srirangam. She is so captivated by His Beauty she hears nothing (na anyam shrunothi). The Tulasi leaves of His garland are garden fresh and oozing with honey. Parakalanayaki on seeing the honey dropping thinks that the Tulasi must have come from Srivaikuntam. She asks her Nayakan” where have these aprakrutha ( super natural) Tulasi leaves come from?” These Tulasi leaves are from Srirangam says Ranganatha. The glory of Srirangam is such that by merely remembering the name Srirangam liberation comes even to the one devoid of Eeshwara gnanam. However big a papishta (sinner) one is  He will give anugraham if he  comes  saying ‘sharanam’! Mahaparadhi Kakasuran was forgiven. the sinner Kshatrabandhu was redeemed.On seeing His Form I lost myself to Him says Parakala nayaki. Dreams are short-lived and are the culmination of our inner thoughts.Since Parakala nayaki’s thoughts were centred always around Him and she kept contemplating on Him He came to her in the dream. Did Andal not dream of her wedding with Ranganatha in ‘varanamayiram’? Did Tiruppanazhwar not get poornanubhavam of Ranganatha’s Tirumeni by having His darshan just once?This was possible because azhwars had true gnanam and what is true gnanam? The knowledge that Sri and Narayana together constitute  Paratvam is true knowledge. Parakala nayaki is immersed in His divyamangalaroopam and is speechless. He invites her to Nam Oor(Srirangam) but before she reacts He leaves on Garuda leaving Parakala nayaki with the disease of separation and longing. “I did not even ask Him who He was?” He revealed that He lived in Srirangam on the bank of Kaveri which is Viraja of Srivaikuntam, Ranga mandiram is Vaikuntam. Paravasudevan is Rangesha. Srirangam is filled with coconut groves oozing with so much honey that it forms puddles on the ground and fish swim in it. NamPerumal is the honey referred to and the fish are the Srivaishnavas who are forever enjoying Bhaghavath anubhavam without sleeping. Even as Parakala nayaki begs Him not to go He mounts on Garuda and disappears. Garuda for His part is reluctant to leave Parakala nayaki behind . Garuda’s speed is unimaginable when Perumal has to reach a saranagathan but now he is hesitant to leave Parakala nayaki. But he has to obey his master. Perumal is dandadharan (punishes the wrong doer). He reduces our prarabhdam by giving due punishment. Illness, sorrow, separation are different ways of His shiksha. Parakalanayaki laments that He left her without even giving a single Tulasi leaf. He robbed her off her bangles and her colour(she had become pale). He left her with His thoughts and the sorrow of separation. Gopis had each other to share their grief of separation from Krishna, Parakala nayaki  tells her friend that she is happy that  she has someone to confide to and share her grief with . A true Srivaishnavan is one who is available in troubled times and can be counted upon to share his friend’s sorrow. He will remember to pray for his friend  to Perumal .

Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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