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Tirupathi Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Temple Brahmotsavam : Day 1 & 2

Tirupati Sri Kothandaramar

On, 18 March 2015 ; Jaya Varusha Panguni Avitam : Panguni  Brahmotsavam Day 1   was celebrated in a grandmanner at Tirupathi Sri Kothanda Ramaswamy Perumal Temple.On this occasion in Day 1  Night Sri Kothandaramaswamy Perumal had Thiruveethi Purappadu in PeddaShesha vaganam with grand arulicheyal and veda ghosti .Next day ,in Day 2 Morning  Sri Kothandaramaswamy Perumal had Thiruveethi Purappadu in ChinnaShesha vaganam around Four mada streets.Jeeyar also participated in the ghosthi along with several  devotees  In Day 2 evening peruamal had thiruveethi purrapadu in Hamasa vaganam .Lot of astikas took part in the Panguni Brahmotsavam Day- 1 &2  and had the blessing of  Divyadampatis.

These are the photos taken in the morning during the occasion…

Sri Kodandaramaswamy peddasesha vaganam_1 Sri Kodandaramaswamy peddasesha vaganam_2 Sri Kodandaramaswamy peddasesha vaganam_3 Sri Kodandaramaswamy peddasesha vaganam_4  Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_3 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_2 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_4 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_1 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_5 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_6 Sri Kodandaramaswamy chinna sesha vaganam_7Sri Kodandaramaswamy hamsa vaganam_3 Sri Kodandaramaswamy hamsa vaganam_2 Sri Kodandaramaswamy hamsa vaganam_1 Sri Kodandaramaswamy hamsa vaganam_4


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